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5 Best Laptop Camera Covers in India

laptop camera covers
laptop camera covers


Did you know that your personal and professional life data can be hacked through your gadgets’ camera even if you are not using it? Recently, there were many cases when hackers hacked webcam and secretly recorded video of people.  So, you have to be very conscious when you use any gadgets with a camera.

In order to prevent yourself from such a situation, you need a good laptop camera cover or webcam cover. The webcam cover covers the camera and prevents hackers from recording anything even if they manage to hack into your computer. We have made this list of laptop webcam covers for you. These are the best laptop camera cover that you can use to prevent your personal life data.

Laptop Camera Covers in India

This is the list of best Laptop Camera Covers in India that you can buy to save your important data from hackers.

Laptop Camera Covers in IndiaPriceBuy Here
AJI Ultra Thin Slide Webcam CoverRs. 299Amazon
Phenovo Ultra-Thin Aluminum Alloy Web Camera CoverRs. 295 for 3 piecesAmazon
Secure Eye Webcam Cover SliderRs. 499Amazon
Leegoal 6 Pack Ultra-Thin Web Camera Cover SlideRs. 199 for 3 piecesAmazon
Alloet Webcam Privacy Cover For LaptopsRs. 199Amazon

1. AJI Ultra Thin Slide Webcam Cover:

AJI Ultra Thin Slide Web Cam cover

AJI Ultra-thin Slide Webcam Cover can protect your privacy from nosy hackers. It can be opened or closed with just one simple finger movement. This webcam cover protects the camera of your Laptop from hacker attacks through the camera. It can be also used on tablets, smartphones, or other technical devices.

Price: Rs. 269

Buy Now: Amazon

2. Phenovo Ultra-Thin Aluminum Alloy Web Camera Cover:

Aluminum Alloy Web Camera Privacy Cover

You can cover your webcam with this Phenovo Web Cover when the webcam is not in use. This prevents web hackers from Spying on you through the laptop’s camera. This cover is only 0.031in (0.8mm) thick. So, you don’t have a problem closing your laptop perfectly. 1 pack of this Phenovo web cover contains 3 Black units with High-grade durable plastic.

It is compatible with MacBook, MacBook Pro, Surface, Surface Pro, laptops, Android tablets, iPhones, iPad, and many more smartphones.

Price: Rs. 1090 for 3 piece

Buy Now: Amazon

3. Secure Eye Webcam Cover Slider:

Secure Eye Webcam Cover Slider

This web cover by Secure Eye also has the same function. It covers your webcam when it is not in use, and prevents web hackers from Spying on you. This cover has a thickness of only 0.7mm and it is compatible with MacBook Pro, Macbook, Mac, Laptops, Android tablet, PC, Computer, All-in-one desktop, iPhone 6 and above, and many more smartphones. It does not interfere with web use or indicator light. 

Price: Rs. 549

Buy Now: Amazon

4. Leegoal 6 Pack Ultra-Thin Web Camera Cover Slide:

Laptop Camera Covers

You can cover your webcam and avoid hackers from spying on you or on your family with this Leegoal 6 Pack Ultra-Thin Web Camera Cover Slide. It is Ultra-thin with a thickness of 0.3mm. This webcam cover is durable and gentle with your devices as it is made of premium material a dense high-quality ABS material that is heat resistant, durable with good toughness. This device is also compatible with all laptops, tablets, MacBooks, and smartphones. 

Price: Rs. 199 for 3 pieces

Buy Now: Amazon

5. Alloet Webcam Privacy Cover For Laptops:

Webcam Privacy Cover For Laptops

Alloet webcam privacy cover is a perfect needed solution to protect your private and professional life from any spy or hackers. It prevents your laptops, iMac, tablets, mobile phones from hackers and stealing your data via cam. This laptop camera cover is .1 mm thick and fits with most of the compact thin laptops available like Macbook air. 

This product is compatible with most laptops like MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, Surface Pro, HP, Dell, iPads, Tablets.

Price: Rs. 199

Buy Now: Amazon

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Use any of these laptop camera covers and make yourself secure in the internet world. Your personal life should be personal. Make sure no one spy on your personal life through the webcam. Do share your experience with us after using any webcam cover listed here.