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5 Best Hair Straightening Brush in India that Actually Works

best hair straightening Brush
best hair straightening Brush

The style-conscious modern women always value time, money, and convenience. Those days are gone when women used to take hours to get ready. This is the era of modern women who want to save time and be on time in any event. In today’s hectic life women have to do home chores, office works, and also socialize with others in events. So, investing too much time on dressing up and makeup is not a style-conscious modern women’s way.

Then why waste the time of straightening the hair?? You can get salon-like hair straightening and shine treatment effortlessly at home by just using Best hair Straightening Brush. So, we curated this list of best brush for hair straightening that you can use to straighten your hair within a minute.

But before that, we want to clear the difference between hair straightener flat iron and hair straightener brush. Why you should ditch the flat iron and buy difference a hair straightener brush?

Flat Iron VS Hair Straightener Brush

  • The flat iron is good for thick or curly hair whereas the straightener Brush is for thin or easily damaged hair due to low heat levels.
  • As a straightening brush has low temp settings than a flat iron, it reduces the risk of accidentally damaging hair
  • The flat iron gives a long-lasting effect than the straightening brush but the straightening brush has a more manageable process, as the hair is being brushed and flattened at the same time.
  • A Straightener brush adds shine to dull hair because of keratine coating.
  • Flat irons will not add volume to hair and will make it lie extremely flat. But the rotating round barrel electric hair brush adds volume to thin hair.
  • Straightener brush very quickly reaches the ideal temperature
  • A Straightener brush is safer on the hair and scalp. Whereas due to the higher and more direct application of heat, excessive or careless use of fat iron can possibly damage the hair and cause scalp dryness.

Now, I think you got the perfect idea of what is best for you flat iron or an electric brush for straightening the hairs.

Best Hair Straightening Brush

This is the list of the best hair straightening brush. Now, give yourself a new look without wasting hours in the saloon.

Hair straightening brushPriceLink to Buy
Philips BHH880/10Rs. 2,795Amazon
Dyson Airwrap StylerRs. 36,900Amazon
Vega VHSB-02 X-LookRs.2,010Amazon
KREA Hair Straightening BrushRs. 5,499Flipkart
Remington CB7400Rs. 5,490Amazon

1. Philips BHH880/10 Heated Straightening Brush

The Philips BHH880/10 Heated Straightening Brush has Keratin-infused ceramic coating for shiny, smooth, and frizz-free hair.

It has ThermoProtect technology that maintains even temperature across the brush to prevent overheating and the Silk ProCare feature to minimize heat damage on hair.

There is a temperature setting in this Hair Straightening Brush that has a temperature range from 170°c to 200°c to suit your hair type. Triple bristle design in the straightening brush gently detangles and straightens while protecting your scalp from heat.

Buy Now: Amazon

2. Dyson Airwrap Styler

Dyson Airwrap Styler is a multifunctional hair iron. You will get a whole package that contains 30mm Airwrap Barrels, 40mm Airwrap Barrels, Firm Smoothing Brush and Firm Smoothing Brush. The Coanda effect attracts in hairbrush straightener attracts and wraps hair using only air.

It has intelligent heat control that does not go beyond 150 degrees Celsius. This is the best straightening brush for thick hair and curly hairs.

The only negative point in it is its price. But it has so many features that justify the price.

Buy Now: Amazon

3. Vega VHSB-02 X-Look

best hair straightening Brush

Vega VHSB-02 X-Look is a paddle straightening brush with Ionic technology. It is a perfect combination of hair straightener and paddle brush. It has Ionic technology that eliminates static charges and makes your hair smooth, shiny, and frizz-free. The company claims that it glides easily, detangles, and straightens hair very easily.

The large surface of the brushing area provides better contact with hair and silica gel coated bristles protect the scalp from heat. It also has anti-scald technology that maintains a constant temperature to protect from heat damage. The straightening brush has a flexible temperature that you can set as per the hair type.

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4. KREA Hair Straightening Brush

KREA Hair Straightening Brush comes with a Tourmaline-infused ceramic brush head, custom LED temperature controls, and an ergonomic design for better usability. It heats up in just 30 sec and gives perfect straight hair in just 4 minutes.

There are different Temperature Settings for every hair type like for Fine hair the ideal temp setting is 140-170 degrees; for colored hair it is 180-190 degrees; for dense slightly curly hair, 210 degrees; and for thick and very curly hair, the temp setting is 230 degrees. This is one of the best straightening brush for thick hair and curly hairs.

All these features make this Hair Straightening Brush a better one from others.

Buy Now: Flipkart

5. Remington CB7400

Remington CB7400 hair straightener brush has an innovative design that straightens and smooth hair without losing natural volume. The brush has Anti-Static coating of the brush gives frizz-free hair within a few minutes.

There are 3 heat settings for all hair types that are 150 degrees, 190 degrees, and 230 degrees. It heats up in 30 seconds and gives perfect results. The brush also has a 60-minute automatic safety shut off that gives you added peace of mind with every use.

Buy Now: Amazon

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NOTE: The hair Straightener Brush is not supposed to be used in a wet environment. So, always use it in dry hair.

These are the hair Straightening Brush that you can use daily to style your hairs. You can straighten your hair within few minutes and flaunt your beauty in your office, party, date, or anywhere you want.