8 Best Astronomical Telescopes for Beginners in India

Best Astronomical Telescopes for Beginners in India

Astronomical Telescopes are now becoming a trend as a hobby because of increasing interest in Astronomy and stargazing activities. If you are also a nature lover and have a great interest in stargazing, you have to buy an astronomical telescope. Buying a space telescope for beginners completely depends on what you want to look through it. Basically, people use it to study the stars and planets.

Almost every beginner in this field gets cheated by telescopes sellers. They will say great things about magnification and look that may lead buyers to a bad choice. Technically speaking, a telescope never magnifies astronomical objects, it collects light and diverts it to the eyepiece.

The astronomical telescope or space telescope’s weight depends on the aperture size of the telescope. If the aperture is big then the weight of the telescope is more. Also, it would be expensive. All telescopes are mounted on different kinds of mounts for bearing the mass of the telescope like ex alt-azimuth mount, equatorial mount, Dobsonian mount.

There are mainly two types of space telescope for beginners, one is the reflector telescope and the other is the refractor telescope. A reflector telescope is good for viewing distant objects. It eliminates light aberration and smudging but the “dragging effect” may occur in this type of telescope. Refractor Telescope is good for observing the moon, planets, etc. but these are costly. As a beginner in this field, one could go for either an 80 mm refractor or a 130 mm- 150 mm Newtonian reflector.

There are two important things to keep in mind while buying an astronomical telescope:
1. Aperture
2. Focal length

Below is the list of best astronomical telescopes for beginners, choose wisely as every telescope is unique and has special features.

Best Astronomical Telescopes for Beginners

Below are the best astronomical telescope for beginners. If you have an interest in stargazing, you can buy one for your research.

Best Astronomical Telescopes for BeginnersPriceRetailer
Celestron NexStar 4 SE Telescope Rs. 67,969Amazon
Celestron AstroMaster 130 EQ TelescopeRs. 27,788Amazon
Celestron NexStar 130SLT TelescopeRs. 70,500Amazon
Orion StarSeeker IV 130Rs. 15,669Amazon
Celestron Speciality Travel Scope 70 TelescopeRs. 19,400Amazon
Best Telescopes under 10000 INR
Celestron Speciality Firstscope 76mm ReflectorRs. 8,999Amazon
Pullox 76700 Astronomical Reflecting Telescope by SSEARs. 11,000Amazon
Celestron PowerSeeker 50 AZ Refractor TelescopeRs. 7,900Amazon
Land And Sky 90X Astronomical Refractor TelescopeRs. 1,649Amazon

1. Celestron NexStar 4 SE Telescope

Best Astronomical Telescopes for Beginners

Celestron NexStar 4 SE Telescope has a compact and portable size yet powerful features. This telescope for beginners possesses special technology named SkyAlign which allows the telescope to align automatically when directed at three points in the sky. The NextStar 4SE has a SkyAlign system for pointing and tracking around 40,000 objects in its database. 

Buy it From Here: Amazon

 2. Celestron AstroMaster 130 EQ Telescopetelescope for beginner

Celestron AstroMaster 130 EQ Telescope is the best telescope for beginners. It is not meant for the experienced person. If you are looking for your first telescope then this is indeed one of the best options. also, If you’re looking for a dual-purpose telescope that appropriate for both terrestrial and celestial viewing, this is for you. It is not very costly like other telescopes with the same aperture. 

Buy From here: Amazon

3. Celestron NexStar 130SLT Telescope

Astronomy Telescope

Celestron NexStar 130SLT Telescope comes with fully computerized hand control. The computerized hand control adds an ability to automatically slew to any of its 4,000+ objects which also includes over 300 clusters, 600 galaxies, and dozens of beautiful binary stars. This telescope for astronomy is based on the Newtonian design that produces bright images over a wide field of view. This telescope is very easy to use. It can also be used by an experienced person in this field as well as beginners.

Buy from here: Amazon

4. Orion StarSeeker IV 130

Astronomy Telescope

Orion StarSeeker IV 130 telescope for beginners gives very clear and detailed views of all kinds of celestial bodies like the moon and other planets. It has go-to features that make this astronomy telescope easy to use and find planets, stars, and galaxies to explore.

Buy from here: Amazon

You can buy it from Amazon.com if it is not available in the Indian market.

5. Celestron Speciality Travel Scope 70 Telescope

astronomical telescope under 10000

The Celestron Speciality Travel Scope is another budget telescope by Celestron for beginners. It has a 70mm refractive aperture fixed on a 700mm focal length with magnification up to 165x. You can clearly see Jupiter and its moons from this telescope but beyond that the things get unclear.

Buy it Here: Amazon

Best Astronomical Telescopes under 10000 INR

If you don’t want to invest much money into a telescope, you can buy these telescopes for under 10000 rupees in India. These are the best budget astronomical telescopes under this price range.

6. Celestron Speciality Firstscope 76mm Reflector

telescope under 10000 in india

This is the best telescope under 10000 INR that you can buy if you beginner in astronomy. The Celestron Speciality first scope is a reflector type telescope with 76mm of aperture and it has a smooth tabletop Dobsonian mount which is usually found in premium ones. It is lightweight and portable. It supports a large 180x of maximum useful magnification in this price range.

Celestron Speciality Firstscope 76mm Reflector is the best budget telescope which is a lightweight and durable telescope.

Buy it from here: Amazon

7. Pullox 76700 Astronomical Reflecting Telescope by SSEA

Pullox 76700 Telescope by SSEA has a 76mm primary mirror and a 700mm focal length that makes it a highly portable and easy-to-handle scope. It comes with an adjustable aluminum tripod that provides a stable platform for users of various heights. This is a 76mm f/9 Reflector Telescope for star-gazers that helps in detailed observations of the Moon, Saturn rings, Jupiter, Satellite of Jupiter, and other larger planets. It is good for learning constellations or viewing comets.

This telescope comes with two eyepieces that produce high 175x and low 88x powers. When these eyepieces are used with the 2x Barlow lens, the magnification of each eyepiece is tripled to add to the scope’s versatility.

All these features make it the best telescope for Astronomy, Star Gazing, Gift, and Study Hobby. I will suggest you choose this if you want a budget astronomical telescope for serious study.

Buy it from here: Amazon

8. Celestron PowerSeeker 50 AZ Refractor Telescope

budget telescope in india

Celestron PowerSeeker Telescope has a refractive lens of 50mm. This budget telescope has 600mm of focal length which magnifies a maximum of 118x and has a 5×24 finderscope. It comes with a 2x Barlow lens that doubles the magnifying power of each eyepiece of the telescope.

It is a lightweight telescope with 2.5kg of weight.

Buy it from here: Amazon

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These are the best telescope in the market for beginners. If you know about any other telescope that is better than these, do tell us. Happy shopping.

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