10 Online Graphic Design Games to Improve Your Creative Skills

online graphic design games

Graphic design is a type of art form that needs a blend of creativity, technical proficiency, and visual communication skills. To improve design skills, every designer needs inspiration and practice. Whether you are an experienced graphic designer who is looking to enhance your abilities or a new artist who wants to explore the world of design, online graphic design games can be an effective way to sharpen your skills and enjoy the process at the same time.

We have curated a list of interesting online platforms that not only engage you but also gives hands-on practice in designing. It encourages users to think critically and creatively. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best online graphic design games that can help you in developing your talents and making you master the art of visual communication.

Benefits of Playing Graphic Design Games:

  1. Skill Improvement: These graphic design games help in providing you with a fun and engaging way to practice design basics like kerning, typography, color, and curves. This allows designers to refine their skills without the pressure of real-life projects.
  2. Visual Sensitivity: Regularly playing these design games can sharpen your eye for spacing and proportions. This makes you more sensitive in your design work and helps in fast work.
  3. Real-World Application: The skills learned in these graphic games give you the right idea that you can implement directly in professional design projects. This improves the overall quality of design in your work.
  4. Precision and Detail-Oriented Skills: These games are based on graphic designs to improve the ability of players to work with accuracy.
  5. Attention to Composition: By playing these games, players learn to analyze and understand how shapes and colors interact to form cohesive compositions in design.
  6. Visual Memory Improvement: daily practicing these graphic design games improves players’ ability to remember visual details. It is a crucial skill that a designer should have when working on design projects that require accuracy and consistency.
  7. Healthy Competition: These online games on graphic design allow players to challenge friends or colleagues. This turns the learning process into a friendly competition and helps in motivating each other to improve.
  8. Fun and Engaging Learning: These games transform the learning process into an enjoyable game. This makes it an ideal tool for both beginners and seasoned designers seeking to refresh their skills.

Graphic Design Games

These are the popular and interactive graphic design games that can help you in enhancing your creativity:

1. Shape Type:

Shape Type

Typography is an essential skill for any graphic designer. The Shape Type is an exciting game that focuses solely on letterform design. Players are presented with distorted letter shapes and challenged to manipulate them back into their correct forms. This game sharpens your eye for detail and helps improve your ability to recognize and manipulate letterforms with precision.

I personally love this game because at the end you can compare the original letter and the letter you manipulate. This helps designer in understanding their mistakes as well as they can learn the font type easily by watching minute details.

2. KernType:


KernType has a user-friendly interface that helps designers in kerning adjustments. The game displays a series of words or phrases with character pairs that require kerning adjustments. Players can interact with the characters and adjust their positions using a simple click-and-drag method.

Each word or phrase in KernType has multiple character pairs that need adjustment. Players are scored based on how accurate their kerning adjustments are. The game provides instant feedback, showing the correct kerning for each pair and highlighting any discrepancies in the player’s attempt. This immediate feedback helps players learn from their mistakes and improve their kerning skills over time. Plus they show the information about typeface and their creator. This helps designer to learn about typeface while playing the game.

3. Dailylogochallenge


Logos are the foundation of visual branding. The Logo Design Game is a online game that lets you put your logo creation skills to the test. The game provides various challenges where you need to design logos for different fictional companies. By working with specific constraints and objectives, you’ll learn to create logos that are not only visually appealing but also representative of the brand’s identity. This whole process refine your skill.

4. Adobe Color Wheel

Adobe Color Wheel

Color theory is a fundamental aspect of graphic design. The Adobe Color Wheel provides an entertaining way to grasp this concept. This online Adobe Color Wheel game allows users to experiment with various color combinations and explore harmonies, analogous schemes, and complementary palettes. By playing with colors in a playful manner, designers can improve their sense of aesthetics and gain a better understanding of color psychology.

5. Picular


Picular is a nice game cum color search engine that serves as an inspiration tool for graphic designers. Instead of being a typical design game, it is an image search engine that generates color palettes based on your queries. You can explore unique color combinations, enhancing your ability to discover fresh and innovative design ideas just by entering keywords related to your project.

6. The Bézier game:

The Bézier game

Bézier curves are a fundamental tool in the world of graphic design. It teaches designers to create smooth and elegant curves that are essential for creating vector graphics and illustrations.

The primary goal of The Bézier Game is to teach users how to manipulate Bézier curves effectively. The game presents players with various challenges, providing incomplete or poorly-drawn Bézier curves that need refinement. Players must adjust the control points by clicking and dragging them to create smooth and precise curves that match the desired shape.

This is another game in the list of my favorite designers game. If you are into vector illustration, you must try this game.

7. I Shot the Serif

 I Shot the Serif

To make learning typography more engaging, “I Shot the Serif” was developed. It is a typographic adventure game that challenges designers to embark on an exciting journey of mastering the art of typefaces. In this game, players find themselves in a typographic world filled with characters representing different typefaces. Each character has its own personality and unique traits.

The story begins when a mysterious villain, known as “Kern,”. He steals the Serif who is the guardian of all typefaces. This results in chaos in the typographic realm. As a typography enthusiast or graphic designer, it becomes your mission to restore balance to this world by capturing Kern and bringing back the Serif.

8. Logos Quiz

Logos Quiz

There are many logo quiz games available online. Logos Quiz helps you in developing the ability to recognize the existing logos and makes you curious about how these famous logo forms and the stories behind them.

I have an app on my mobile phone named Logo Quiz which is very interesting to play if you love logo design. Whenever I get bored, I play this on my phone.

Play Logo Quiz now

9. Pixactly


Pixactly is an educational online game which is designed to enhance the precision and visual perception of newbie in graphic design. This pixel art-based game challenges players to recreate pixel-perfect versions of famous logos, icons, and illustrations using a limited number of pixels and colors. With its engaging gameplay and focus on attention to detail, Pixactly offers an entertaining way to sharpen design skills while having fun.

It will take time to master this game but with time you will become good at it if you play it regularly.

10. Color Method

Color Method

Color Method is a tool in graphic design which is capable of evoking emotions, setting moods, and conveying messages. Understanding of color combinations and how to use them effectively is necessary for creating visually appealing and impactful designs. To guide designers in their color choices and combinations, “The Color Method” was developed by a systematic and comprehensive approach to color selection in graphic design.

This color game is one of my personal favorites. I love playing it whenever I got time and want nothing else to do.

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In the dynamic and ever-evolving field of graphic design, continuous improvement is the key to success. Online graphic design games offer an engaging and enjoyable way to sharpen your skills and stay up-to-date with industry trends.

By experimenting with color, typography, logo design, and more, these games provide practical and hands-on experience to both aspiring designers and professionals alike. So, why not turn your learning process into an exciting adventure and embrace the world of graphic design games to nurture your creativity and refine your design skills?

Happy designing!

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