Troubleshooting Guide: What to Do When One AirPod is Not Working

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Apple’s AirPods have revolutionized the wireless earbud experience. They provide users with seamless audio quality and convenience. Most iPhone users prefer AirPods over any other pair of earbuds. However, like any technology, issues can arise. If you find yourself in a situation where one AirPod is not working, don’t panic. We have compiled a comprehensive guide to help you troubleshoot and get both your AirPods back in sync.

Ways To Fix It If One AirPod Not Working

1. Check AirPods Battery Level:

Before diving into more complex troubleshooting, ensure that both your AirPods are adequately charged. AirPods can use up their battery at different speeds, so even if you charge them together, one might run out of battery before the other. Keep an eye on each AirPod’s battery or use your battery widget to see how much charge is left. If one is low, go ahead and charge it to make sure they both have enough power. Uneven battery levels can sometimes cause connectivity issues. Place both AirPods in the charging case and confirm that they’re charging. A green light on the case indicates sufficient charge.

2. Clean Your AirPods:

Dirt, debris, or earwax can accumulate on your AirPods and affect their performance. Gently clean both the AirPods and the charging case with a soft, lint-free cloth. Be cautious not to damage any of the openings. I have written a detailed article on how to clean TWS. Refer to the link added in the next line to read that article.

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3. Restart and Reconnect:

If one AirPod is still not working, try restarting the device you are connected to (iPhone, iPad, etc.). Once your device is back on, remove both AirPods from the case, forget the Bluetooth connection, and re-establish the connection by placing them back in the case and pairing them again.

4. Reset AirPods:

To reset your AirPods, place both of them in the charging case and close the lid. Wait about 30 seconds, then open the lid and press and hold the setup button on the back of the case until the status light flashes amber, then white. This will reset your AirPods to their default settings.

5. Check Audio Balance Settings:

Sometimes, the issue might not be with the AirPods themselves but with the audio balance settings on your device. Go to Settings > Accessibility > Audio/Visual and ensure that the audio balance slider is centered.

6. Turn Bluetooth On and Off

Sometimes the problem could be because of connectivity issues. So, you can try resetting Bluetooth of your device. Turn off Bluetooth on your iPhone or iPad and wait for a few seconds. Then turn it on again. Now try connecting AirPods and check if it fixed the issue.

7. Unpair and Re-pair AirPods

If restarting Bluetooth didn’t help, you can unpair the AirPods and then try pairing them again. To unpaid, go to Settings > Bluetooth > tap the i next to the AirPods > Forget This Device > Forget Device.. It will remove AirPods from your paired devices list. Now put AirPods into the case and hold down the button on the case. Follow the onscreen setup for pairing.

8. Update Firmware:

Ensure that both your AirPods and the device they are connected to have the latest firmware updates. Connect your AirPods to your iPhone, go to Settings > Bluetooth, tap the “i” icon next to your AirPods, and check for firmware updates.

9. Contact Apple Support:

If all the methods didn’t work, it is advisable to contact Apple Support for assistance. There may be an underlying hardware issue in the product. If this is true, your AirPods require professional attention. Apple’s support team can guide you through further diagnostics or provide options for repair. You can also get a replacement if your AirPods is under warranty.


Encountering issues with one AirPod not working can be frustrating, but these troubleshooting steps should help you identify and resolve the issue. By following these steps, you increase the chances of enjoying your wireless audio experience without interruptions. If one AirPod is not working, you have several fixes to try. If nothing works, you can get Apple’s help by visiting the Apple Store or any authorized center.

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