How to properly clean your earbuds

How to clean earbuds
How to clean earbuds


Truly wireless Earbuds are now really popular. Most people keep wearing them all the time and use ambient mode when they need to talk to someone in person. Now when earbuds have become really cheap, most people prefer buying earbuds over other wireless or wired earphones. Using earbuds for hours a day isn’t recommended. I have already written an article on how wearing earbuds regularly can increase the chance of ear infections. So, it is really important if you regularly clean earbuds and know how to properly clean them.

Here’s how dirty earbuds look like. See the wax and dirt soon ear tips. It can be a reason for an ear infection. So, we shouldn’t forget to clean earbuds regularly.

Earbuds Cleaning

In this article, I will explain how to properly clean earbuds using basic tools and methods. While cleaning your earbuds, always take extra care or you could end up damaging them.

Here are some basic tools you need to clean your earbuds.

Earbuds cleaning kit

It is better If you buy any of these cleaning kids.

To clean earbuds, always use a clean microfiber cloth or dry cotton swab. Avoid using alcohol or other liquids, especially on speaker grills, mic holes, or charging ports. Use the microfiber cloth to clean the body of earbuds. Avoid using too much pressure and rub gently.

Then you can blow air up and into speaker grills and microphone holes. Keep blowing air until debris starts falling down.

Cleaning earbuds

If you see dirt isn’t coming out even after blowing too much air, you can pick a toothpick to gently scrape dirt away. Don’t use force as it can damage earbuds. Using a soft brush in place of the toothpick is better.

cleaning earbuds

Don’t forget to remove ear tips for effective cleaning. On silicon ear tips, you can use cleaning liquid after the removal but it back only when it is completely dry.

cleaning earbuds

Don’t forget to clean the charging case. Use forced air and a microfiber cloth to clean it properly. You can use cleaning liquid on the charging case but avoid using it near the charging port. Use a cloth or soft brush to properly clean the inner part of the charging case.

Now you know how to clean earbuds without damaging them. Try cleaning your earbuds frequently. It is better if you clean earbuds weekly. The frequency of cleaning may change based on how often you wear your earbuds. If you use earbuds at the gym while doing intense workouts, you need to wipe your earbuds after every use, especially if you sweat a lot. Preventing earbuds from getting too dirty makes sure earbuds last longer and reduces the chance of ear infections.