Top 5 features of PicsArt you shouldn’t miss



PicsArt is one of the most popular photo and video editing apps. Unlike other photo editing apps that just focus on effects, it focuses on creative editing. The app does with several editing tools, templates, effects, and features that make it a good design tool. So, this app is really good for people who make content for social media platforms. The app is free to use but offers a PicsArt Gold subscription that lets you use premium templates, stickers, filters, and advanced features. There are numbers of interesting features, but this article is about the top 5 best features you shouldn’t miss if you use PicsArt.

Top features of PicsArt

1. Apply Multiple Effects

Unlike in other photo editing Apps where you can choose one from given effects, PicsArt lets you apply any number of effects on a photo one by one. In this way, you can be creative and achieve surprising results. The app also lets you change the effect’s intensity as per your need.

PicsArt Effects

2. Replay

I personally like the Replay feature of the app. On your PicsArt feed, you can see creative editing shared by the PicsArt team or other users. If you want to perform the same editing on your own photo, you can use the replay feature. Tap on try, select your photo and keep tapping next. It will add the same filters and effects one by one in your photos.

Replay feature PicsArt

3. AI Music

If you are editing a video, one of the most painful tasks is finding the right music for the video. The app has an integration of stock music library. But you will still have to go through several audio tracks to see what should be a good choice for your video. To solve this problem, the app has added AI music. Tapping on this option adds relevant music using AI. If you think this music isn’t the right one, you can select the genre and tap regenerate again to get a piece of new music.

PicsArt AI Music

This option works well. I tried adding music in several videos and the music the app adds automatically was quite interesting.

4. Object Removal

Object Removal feature is only available to PicsArt Gold members. You can select any object in a photo and remove it. The result will surely surprise you. It won’t feel like the object was really there in the original image. See the snapshot below to understand how this feature really works.

Object Removal

5. Photo to cartoon or sketch

Several people look for tools to convert their photos into cartoons or photo sketches. The app has several photo effects to turn a photo into a cartoon or sketch.

Convert your photo into a sketch using PicsArt

I write a dedicated article on converting a photo into a cartoon using PicsArt. Use the link added below to learn the steps to convert a photo into a cartoon.

Convert your photo into a cartoon using PicsArt


The app has several stickers, fonts, effects, a collection of stock photos, stock music, and much more. You can also convert a photo to the sticker, adjust several things in photos, perform in-depth editing, video editing, photo editing template, video editing template, and more. You can also use the app to make stories and reels.