LastPass keyboard shortcuts for Windows and Mac


LastPass is a popular password manager service that lets users generate strong passwords and use them in secure cloud storage. Whenever you need to log in to any website, LastPass will auto-fill passwords. So, you also do not need to remember those passwords. You can access all your saved passwords using a mast password. Remember just the master password and get access to all of your passwords.

LastPass is available on different platforms including Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. There are also extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari. If you use LastPass, you can also use keyboard shortcuts or LastPass hotkeys to perform different things like generating a secure password, opening LastPass vault, and more. In this article, I am adding LastPass keyboard shortcuts.

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LastPass Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows

Alt+GGenerate secure password
Alt+IRecheck page
Alt+WSite search
Alt+Page UpFill in next login (when multiple)
Alt+Page DownFill in previous login (when multiple)
Ctrl+Alt+HOpen my LastPass vault

LastPass Keyboard Shortcuts for macOS

Shift+Command+LSite search
Command+Page UpFill in next login (when multiple)
Command+Page DownFill in previous login (when multiple)
Option+\Open Popover

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