How to Increase iPhone Call Log History Limit?

Best Call recording apps for iPhone
Best Call recording apps for iPhone

Apple’s iPhone is a great phone to have, but there are so many things that people don’t like. One such thing is a limited call log. Apple’s iPhone only shows 100 recent call logs. The bad thing is that the Call log also includes calls from other apps such as Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp, Teams, and others. With just 100 entries, it becomes really hard to see older calls you received or made.

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So, a lot of people ask for ways to increase iPhone call log history. If you are also looking for the same, I am really sorry to disappoint you. There is no way to increase the call log history limit. You are restricted to just 100 call log histories. There’s no option in iOS to increase the limit. I also couldn’t find any third-party app that can show older call history. Even after so many complaints from users, Apple has not yet considered increasing this limit.

There is also no way to stop calls on other apps from appearing in iPhone’s call log history. You can also not filter call logs to see calls from cellular networks only.

It seems iPhone doesn’t erase call history after the limit of 100. If you delete a few recent call logs, the last few hidden call records will appear. But there’s no confirmation from Apple if it saves longer call history.

You can also use Data Recovery software such as FoneDog iOS Data Recovery to recover deleted files such as call logs, contacts, messages, bookmarks, photos, and more. This software may help you in recovering lost call logs.

Wrap Up

Now you know there is no official way to increase the iPhone call log history limit. You are restricted to 100 recent call logs. The only way to go beyond 100 call logs is to delete some of the recent entries in call logs. Some third-party data recovery software also claims to provide you with erased call log history, but using that software is also a pain. I don’t know why Apple do not want to increase call log history limit.