How to Download YouTube Shorts videos

YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts videos are now gaining popularity. The company has also confirmed that Shorts creators can monetize their Shorts videos to earn through YPP. Shorts let users upload videos of up to 60 seconds long. The interface to watch Shorts is also similar to TikTok or Reels. Just like you can download YouTube videos using third-party tools, you can also download YouTube Shorts videos. If you want to download YouTube Shorts videos, there are several third-party tools for this. In this article, I am listing a few ways to download YouTube Shorts videos.

Note: Downloading YouTube Shorts videos is against YouTube guidelines. You should not download it from a YouTube channel and re-upload it to your own channel. YouTube will surely send you a copyright notice. You can download Shorts only for watching it offline.

For downloading Shorts, you need the link to it. So, let’s first see how to get the link to the Shorts video.

On the Shorts video, tap the Share icon and then tap Copy Link.

Get link to Download Shorts

Now when you have copied the link to the Shorts video, you can proceed to download the Shorts video.

Ways to download YouTube Shorts videos is an online platform where you can download YouTube videos. When you open this tool, it asks for the link to a YouTube video. Simply put the Shorts video URL here and click the download link.

download YouTube Shorts videos

It will then give you links to download videos in several formats and resolutions. Select the appropriate format and then download the video. Videos with higher resolution will not have the audio.

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Shortsnoob is another free tool where you can download YouTube Shorts videos in HD quality. In the same way, you need the YouTube Shorts video link. Enter the link and then click the search button. In a few seconds, you will get the download links.

Shortsnoob: download YouTube Shorts videos

Download links will be available in multiple video quality and formats.

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Savetube is one of the best websites to download YouTube Shorts videos. You just need to enter the URL in the next box and click Get Video. Then select the resolution and download the video. The website has no limit on download speeds and you can download as many videos as you want. This YouTube Shorts video downloader is also secure and has a user-friendly interface. You can also choose to download videos in different quality. It also allows downloading video with or without sound.

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All these online tools are accessible using any modern web browser. So, you can also these online YouTube Shorts downloaders to download Shorts video on any device. You can download YouTube Shorts videos on your Android phone or iPhone using any of these tools.

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Is it legal to download YouTube Shorts videos?

As long as you are not using these videos commercially, you can download YouTube Shorts. Downloading YouTube Shorts video for offline viewing. Downloading and sharing them on other social platforms without the creator’s permission is wrong.

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