Apple Mail keyboard shortcuts

Apple Mail keyboard shortcuts
Apple Mail keyboard shortcuts


Apple Mail is the default email client in macOS and most Apple users use Apple mail for sending and receiving emails. Apple Mail can use SMTP, POP3, Exchange, and IMAP for retrieving emails from a mail server. It also uses end-to-end message encryption. This app is also preconfigured to work with popular email services including Gmail, Outlook, iCloud, Yahoo Mail, and AOL Mail. The app has a good user interface but you can also perform several tasks quickly using Apple Mail hotkeys and keyboard shortcuts. Apple Mail keyboard shortcuts can increase your productivity. In this article, I am listing all the Apple Mail keyboard shortcuts and hotkeys.

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Apple Mail keyboard shortcuts and Hotkeys

Editing Shortcuts

Command+Down ArrowArchive an email message
Option+Shift+NCompose a new email message
DeleteDelete a selected message or folder
Shift+Command+LFlag or unflag email
Command+]Indent items in a list
Command+=Make font size bigger
Command+-Make font size smaller
Shift+Command+JMark email as Junk or Not Junk
Shift+Command+UMark email as Read or Unread
ReturnOpen the selected message in a new window
Command+[Outdent items in a list
Shift+Command+ZRedo changes to an email message
Shift+Command+RReply to sender
Command+SSave as a draft
SpacebarScroll through the selected messages
Command+ASelect all email messages
Shift+Command+DSend email message
Shift+Command+RToggle between Reply and Reply All
Command+ZUndo changes to an email message

2. Sending Messeges

Command+NNew Message
Command+Shift+DSend Message
Command+SSave Draft
Command+Shift+FForward Message
Command+Shift+AAttach File
Command+Option+BShow/Hide bcc field

3. Receive Message

Command+Shift+LFlag Message
Command+RReply to Message
Command+Shift+RReply to All
Command+Option+TMove message to same box you just did
Command+Shift+UMark as read/unread
Command+Shift+JMark as junk mail
Command+Option+UView raw message content

4. Formatting Messages

Command+TShow fonts panel
Command+Shift+CShow colors panel
Command+Shift+]Align Right
Command+Shift+[Align Left
Command+Shift+|Align Center
Command+Option+CCopy Style
Command+Option+VPaste Style
Command+Shift+;Check Spelling

5. General Shortcuts

Command+Shift+NGet New Mail
Command+OOpen message viewer
Command+Shift+YAdd sender to address book
Command+EUse selected text in search
Command+1Go to Inbox
Command+Option+FJump to search field
Command+2..9Go to other items in favourites
Command+Option+LApply Rule to selected message