McCoy Champ 40: Your Compact Cooling Companion 

McCoy Champ 40

Summer has already arrived, so you need to get an Air cooler or AC depending on your budget. In case you were looking to buy a good Air cooler, I have an interesting product to share with you. In this article, I am going to talk about the McCoy Champ 40-litre air cooler. Solid build, good features, silent operation, and value for money pricing make it notable.

Let me first talk about its cooling power. The air cooler features durable thick honeycomb pads. The unique structure of honeycomb pads enables them to hold more water and provide prolonged cooling. These pads also have minimal maintenance and are easy to clean. It also facilitates better airflow through the cooler.

It also boasts an impressive air delivery rate of 1550 Cu.m/hr which is sufficient for providing effective cooling for a medium-sized room. It can also throw air up to 35 feet to provide cool air to every corner of the room. This makes it perfect for most homes. The three adjustable speed controls and swing control give you control over its operation and cooling.

McCoy Champ 40

The air cooler comes with a 40-liter water tank. That is good enough to provide around 12-13 hours of cooling without needing to refill the tank. It also has a water level indicator, so you know when you need to refill the water tank.

McCoy Champ 40 air cooler features double ball bearing technology that provides stability to the fan shaft and reduces vibration and noise during operation. So, the air cooler provides quieter performance and you will have a good sleep.

McCoy Champ 40

The air cooler has a power consumption of 165 W. It also features inverter compatibility. So, McCoy Champ 40 can keep cooling your room even if there’s a power cut. Your inverter can keep it running.

This Air cooler is made of high-strength engineering plastic. So the body is corrosion-free and shockproof material making it safe to keep at home. There are sturdy castor wheels, so moving it from room to room is also easy,

If you were thinking to buy an Air cooler for your home, McCoy Champ 40 can be a great choice. Good cooling and durable body make it a good product to beat the heat and stay cool this summer.

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