Bring Home a Cinematic Experience with the TCL C725 QLED TV

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If we dive deep into modern television technology we notice that it has been changing significantly. Now just compare the CRT display with a 40-line resolution to a 4K resolution TVs and you will realize that the new technologies have proven to be efficient. Content developers are working aggressively towards developing 4K streaming content.  Along with this TV manufacturers like TCL also focus on improving the image quality by using modern technologies like HDR+, micro dimming, and more. This is just the dawn of a new TV technology era and it is very important to utilize the latest technology to the fullest. 

Today consumers spend a lot of time on screen and with this their perception of television is also changing. Consumers of all age groups prefer to watch their favourite content streaming on larger screens. So, in the light of all these new trends and technologies, the TV industry should certainly focus its attention on user experience. Today the consumers look for intuitive and sleek ways to consume their favourite content. Brands like TCL work on long-term product strategies rather than simply working on the current technology. A well-thought product strategy coupled with the best possible user experience will certainly win a lot of eyeballs. The TCL C725 QLED TV has been exceptionally competitive in these aspects. The TV comes packed with a 4K QLED display, Dolby Vision, HDR 10+, MEMC, AIPQ Engine, Onkyo speakers, and more. Available in 50-inch, 55-inch and 65-inch the TCL C725 4K QLED TVs are priced at INR 62,999, INR 72,999, and INR 97,999 respectively. Let us analyze the TCL C725 4K QLED TV in detail.

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Elegant Design

The TCL C725 QLED TV sports an ergonomically designed bezel-less front panel offering a distraction-free viewing experience. The ultra-slim bezel results in the best in class screen-to-body ratio. The trimmed bezels make the TCL C725 one of the most compact and precisely designed smart TV.  Though the TV might not look gigantic, but it is designed to sustain dust and moisture. The TV would look stunning either when wall-mounted or even when placed on a flat table. 

Perfect Display and Sound

The TCL C725 QLED TV offers an audio-visual treat to the users. The 4K UHD screen resolution is supported by multiple HDR formats including HDR 10+. The TV also supports Dolby Vision and also has a dedicated chip to reduce the motion blurs with the help of motion estimation and motion control (MEMC). The screen is bright and vivid and well equipped to handle UHD content. The TV can also manage to upscale 1080p to 4K resolution without losing the details. The preset color profile is an added advantage for the QLED TV. The IMAX Enhanced certification gives the users a cinematic experience in the comfort of their homes.


The brilliant 4K QLED display is also well complemented Onkyo speakers powered with Dolby ATMOS and DTS. The TV will certainly redefine your TV viewing experience. 

Powerful Performance

To deliver a powerful performance the TCL C725 4K QLED TV carries a unique chipset from TCL that not only allows content optimization in real-time but also offers superior audio-video output. Known as the AIPQ Engine this also helps in upscaling the non 4K content with respect to color, contrast, brightness thereby improving the overall performance of the television. The AiPQ Engine also takes care of the audio by delivering audio output with no signal lags or disturbance. 


Smart Functionality

What makes a television stand apart from the crowd? Yes, you got it right it is the user interface. The TCL C725 comes with a specially designed ultramodern user-optimized interface known as the TCL Smart UI. The UI is based upon the latest version of the Android OS and is thus capable of delivering a realistic and engrossing entertainment experience. The smart UI when combined with artificial intelligence and IoT adds more value to the television. This will enable the user to connect and control all their smart devices with the help of their TV giving them more comfort. It also offers the users the flexibility to control the devices hands-free with just their voice commands. 


Personal Entertainment Centre

With an amalgamation of more than 7000 apps and 700000 TV shows, movies, and innumerable OTT platforms the TCL Home Entertainment Centre will fulfill the entertainment needs of users from all age groups. Along with this, the users will also enjoy unlimited access to TCL Channel. The seamless feed content caters to the entertainment-centric demands of all, be it movies, TV shows or gaming TCL has it all. 

Explore More, Connect More, Enjoy More

TCL aims to give the users a comfortable and enjoyable experience. TCL is a brand that has been continuously coming up with some or the other technological advancement in the country and this time they have introduced India’s first-ever video calling QLED TV in form of the TCL C725. The TV comes with a magnetically affixed camera that enables the users to take and make video calls via the Google Duo app on their TV. The best thing about this TV is the gesture control that enables the users to control the TV functions, merely with the help of gestures. Along with all this, the TCL C 725 also features additional connectivity functions like MagiConnect, screen mirroring and more. 


The Game Isn’t Over Yet

If you are on a gaming spree then TCL C725 has a lot to offer you. The HDMI 2.1 port, 120Hz MEMC, and FreeSync together make it a wonderful gaming master offering the users a lag-free gaming session. The dual-band WIFI additionally offers seamless connectivity. 


The technologically advanced TCL C725 4K QLED TV is an absolute blend of premium design, stunning display, immersive sound, and user-friendly interface. We promise that this offering from TCL will enhance the TV viewing experience of our fans and the users. The best part is that this wholesome package of entertainment comes at an affordable price. 

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