GuardianLink helps NFT creators to monetize their creations to the maximum potential: Ramkumar Subramaniam



In the first half of 2022, we saw the NFT boom where everyone was talking about NFTs. NFT market saw a rise of 21,000% from 2020 to 2021. In 2021, the NFT market size was valued at $22 Billion and is expected to increase around 3 times by 2031. So, several celebrities and artists also turn to NFT to monetize their arts. Several companies also started offering an easy way of creating and selling NFTs. GuardianLink is one of the leading Indian companies operating in the NFT segment. The company claims to offer No-code NFT Exchange where artists can create NFTs and earn from them. GuardianLink’s Anti.Rip AI spyder technology also makes sure that no one is selling duplicates, rip-offs, and copycats of your NFTs.

GuardianLink is being led by CEO Ramkumar Subramaniam who is also the co-founder of the company. I had a chance to have a conversation with Ramkumar Subramaniam. He answered several questions and revealed interesting things about the company and the NFT market.

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What is GaurdianLink’s journey and motive behind launching the NFT marketplace?

The evolution of NFT technology has unraveled a world abound with countless new possibilities. Around the world, the response to this new-age paradigm has been overwhelmingly scintillating, to say the least. With NFTs capturing worldwide attention and attracting numerous players, there is an imperative need to create an organized and secure framework where celebrities, artists, and athletes can freely create and sell their NFTs. The mass adoption of NFT demands a safe and democratized platform that extends their creators a 360-degree coverage of their creations. This is where GuardianLink steps in. The company is providing the necessary technology and access to this newfound technology to people everywhere while also equipping them with dedicated safety and foolproof features that prevent the theft and duplication of NFTs while enabling the NFT creators to monetize their creations to the maximum potential.  

When are they launching the NFT cricket game and please share some data on the same?

Guardian Link’s cricket metaverse has been crafted to lend a real-world feel to cricket enthusiasts and evoke a sense of empathy and joy for cricket lovers around the country. We are on the verge of heralding a new frontier in the world of gaming that masterfully combines real-life dynamism and digital simulation effortlessly. On the back of our superior platform, we have brought the Meta cricket league to life and it is merely the beginning. Filled with promising rewards and drops, we are confident that this latest NFT offering will be lapped up by NFT enthusiasts and gamers alike. 

They will also have the ability to lease out their NFTs to other players, enabling them to earn rent and also contribute to the digital community. Such Ownership over the assets will automatically make the player a stakeholder in the ecosystem. Furthermore, players will also be able to purchase real estate in the metaverse, in the form of stadiums. Here, players can earn from renting their real-estate space to other players and even brands.

The game design is nearing its completion and is bound to be released in the upcoming weeks. In an impressive turn of events, the pre-sale event of the NFT game sold more than 55,000 digital copies of the game in a span of nine minutes. The company is confident that the official release of the game will inspire a stupendous reception with cricket lovers and NFT aficionados around the country. 

How is the zero gas fee token helping revolutionize the industry?

The emergence of the zero gas fee token is helping in redefining and revolutionizing the entire NFT industry. Until now, the NFT industry was plagued by the concept of gas fees which would supercede the cost of creating and selling an actual NFT. Every transaction on the blockchain has a fees charge associated with it. Anyone buying an NFT on the blockchain pays these “gas fees” to miners who dedicate computing power to validate blockchain transactions. With the rise of the zero gas fee token, Guardian Link is empowering anyone to create and sell NFTs without paying exorbitant gas fee charges, thereby, disrupting the segment. 

What is the monetization model GuardianLink follows? What is its revenue projection for FY23?

GuardianLink possesses multiple avenues of services that enable the access and launch of NFTs for the masses. The revenue schemes include the cost levied for the platform and the fees collected for the NFT creations as well as various other commission elements.

What are the further categories of NFTs that GuardianLink plans to tap into in the upcoming years?

Guardian Link is a category-agnostic brand and has the potential to dive deep into all possible categories and segments of NFT. Although focusing currently on the gaming side of things, GuardianLink intends to venture into a plethora of other spaces in the NFT industry as well.  

What sort of business-critical solutions does GuardianLink provide to the NFT industry?

With countless people dabbling with NFTs, attaining operation perfection remains a challenge. Guardian Link is making things phenomenally simpler by extending the No-code platform that allows even people with zero technical backgrounds or coding experience to create and launch NFTs as effortlessly as uploading a photo on the internet. Furthermore, GuardianLink also offers NFT wallets and the spyder technology that identifies and warns against fraudulent replicas of your original NFT. Also, the zero gas fees feature offered by GuardianLink has substantially democratized mass access to the NFT world by reducing the enormous fees charges that would bar common people from embracing this technology.  

Which Technology is used behind the safety and the game?

Guardian Link relies on the use of Standard encryption features to provide top-notch security across the NFT ecosystem.  

What is the impact of NFT taxation and how are we planning for the future?

NFTs offer a perfect convergence between the authenticity of the real world and the versatility of the virtual world. Having moved into the digital world, the NFT paradigm is here to stay. We anticipate a world where NFTs will soon permeate into all conventional streams and augment everything from films to art, to designs, gaming, fashion, etc.