Snapchat is adding real-time location sharing to its map

Snapchat real-time location sharing

Snap has added a new real-time location sharing feature on Snapchat. This feature lets users share their live location with select friends for a limited period of time.

Snapchat already has Snap Map that keeps showing your location to friends. But Snap Map updates location only when the Snapchat app is opened. As opposed to this, love location keeps showing the real-time location for a set period of time similar to Apple’s “Find My” app or WhatsApp’s live location sharing. You can share live location for 15 minutes, one hour, or eight hours at a time.

To share your live location, open your friend’s profile on Snapchat and tap on the Share My Live Location option. Now it will ask for the duration for sharing live location. It will start sharing your live location with the friend.

While sharing your live location with the friend, it will show your Bitmoji with a special ‘LIVE’ icon.

Since the live-location sharing works on an individual basis, your live location won’t be visible to any other friends. They can only see your location on Snap Map that updates your location only when the Snapchat app is open.

This live location sharing feature is now being rolled out globally across Android and iOS platforms.

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