Apple announces iPadOS 15



After iOS 15, Apple also unveiled iPadOS 15. This new software aims to make iPad a better productivity device.

The iPadOS 15 makes the home screen more customizable. You get widgets that were introduced with iOS 14. You can put widgets wherever you want. Now more apps support widgets and widgets come in different sizes.

iPadOS 15

Apple is also bringing App Library to recuse clutter from the home screen. You can organize apps in folders and hide less frequently used apps from home screens. The App Library on the iPadOS is located on the dock. On iPhone, you have to swipe to the end of your home screens for the app library.

Now it is easier to go into split-view. The shelf feature makes it easier to jumble different tasks.

The QuickNote feature is really interesting. You can quickly take notes and even attach web pages to notes. You can bring up the Notes app by swiping it up on the screen from the bottom right corner. You can even use it when another app is on the main screen. It makes copy-paste from another app to Note app easier. You can also now add tags to note. Later, you can use Tag Browser to quickly find notes based on tags. Notes are also getting Activity panel. It will show you who made edits to shared notes at what time.

Quick Notes can be created on iPad but later can also viewed on Mac or iPhone. Any update on notes will instantly be available on other devices.

The iPadOS 15 also brings new version of Swift Playgrounds. It allows users to learn, build and submit apps to App Store. So, developers don’t need a Mac for building and submitting apps.

Some of the features of iOS including Focus, photo search in Spotlight, SharePlay along with updated FaceTime, iMessage and Maps will also be available to iPadOS.