Google is Shutting Down Trusted Contacts in December

Trusted Contacts
Trusted Contacts

Google is now shutting down its perform safety app ‘Trusted Contacts’. The app is no longer available on Google Play or the App Store. Google will end support starting on December 1st.

Trusted Contact was a safety app that allowed users to share location with family and friends. Along with the location, trusted contacts could also see a person’s recent activity and device battery status. Later the app also added features like customized timeouts and permanent location sharing following a request.

The app was good but couldn’t attract many users. Google has a history of killing apps that fails to get a user base.

“As a result, the Trusted Contacts app will be removed from the App Store and Play Store today, and will stop being supported after December 1, 2020,” Google said. “If the app is installed on your device, you can continue to use it until then.”

Google recommends users to use Google Maps for location sharing after the shutdown of Trusted Contacts. Google Maps lets users share location and live location. One can also see the distance and time it will take to reach the location.