VXL Software is offering 6-month license of ‘Fusion SecureDesktop’ to businesses

VXL Software
VXL Software

Indian MNC, VXL software has also come forward to help businesses during the pandemic. The company has announced to give 6-month licenses of Fusion SecureDesktop to help organizations pivot easily to homeworking.

The company offers “Fusion SecureDesktop” software that can convert a home PC or laptop to a secure corporate endpoint. So, employees will get a secure working environment while working at home. Basically this software works as an add-on to Fusion UEM. But anyone can get the 6-month licenses of this software to have secure work from home environment for the next six months.

The software gives an option to either create a Virtual Windows environment or a virtual Linux environment depending on the need. Then one can access corporate data and applications in a secure manner using the virtual environment.

Fusion SecureDesktop is really easy to install and secure. It works on Windows and can easily be configured depending on the need. You can then use it to connect to any server frameworks including Citrix, VMware, and Microsoft.

Aditya Bhuwania, VP at VXL Software, says that, “Simplicity is key. Our Fusion SecureDesktop Windows solution runs as an application, while our CloudDesktop On the Go Linux solution boots from a USB drive. In either case, the host device is totally untouched – and for the duration of the session, people work as they would normally via a secure, managed connection. When they quit, they are returned to their home PC. There’s no data crossover.”

Several companies where employees deal with critical data are always afraid of allowing work from home. Here comes the Fusion SecureDesktop that makes working from home safe.

The software costs $15 USD per device for 6 months license if one buys before 15 June 2020. If an organisation wishes to convert it into the full licences, there is no cost penalty – they just need to pay the difference.