LIKE App: A special effect video editing tool for creators

LIKE App review
LIKE App review

LIKE app is a Singapore based popular video sharing app that gives users an option to record and edit awesome videos.

LIKE app is a Singapore-based special effect video editing app that gives users an option to record and edit creative videos. It gives users a channel to create entertaining videos and share with the world. Visitors can also explore fun videos for entertainment.

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The app supports creators by offering them a good special effect video editor along with a number of stickers and video effects. So, you can be more creative in videos by using available effects and stickers. I have also seen lots of creators using Superpower filters.

There are several dynamic stickers you can use to make your videos funny. For example, see the sticker on my face in the snapshot below. It looks like I colored my hair and I can record a video using the colored hair. I created this with the ‘Colorful Hair’ feature on LIKE App, which lets you choose a hair color from a variety of options.


Personally, I liked the Superme feature that gives creators an option of making creative videos showing a super power in you. You don’t need to expertise in video editing for using any stickers. All you have to do is downloading the app and open its recorder. So, you can make videos where you can fly, disappear like ghosts, or jump from a plane, the list goes on. Supreme effects are really fun and I recommend you to check them out yourself.

LIKE app review

The best thing about the app is that it is really easy to use. You can select any effect or sticker and start shooting the video. If an effect requires extra efforts, the app will guide you by telling how to keep your phone and in what direction you should move it. The video editor of LIKE App also lets you control video speed, beautify your face and more. So, you have full control on a video before you share it. YES! On LIKE App, you can share funny and creative videos made by you or other creators on different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat.

The app is easy to use and offers a fun way of showing your creativity. With available editing options and filters, you can create jaw-dropping video content from your smartphone.

If you want to be a video creator but don’t know how to start, you should install LIKE App and start using it. Even if you are not a creator but looking for a good app for entertainment and checking creative videos, you can try using LIKE app.

Download: Android | iOS