Yahoo launches a new instant messaging app ‘Yahoo Together’

Yahoo Together

Back in July this year, Yahoo shut down its iconic messenger service Yahoo Messenger. The reason it gave was lack of users’ interest. People have moved on to other messaging apps including WhatsApp and Messenger. But the company again wants to try its luck in this segment. The company has just launched a new group messaging app ‘Yahoo Together’.

Yahoo Together is being developed by the same team that developed Yahoo Messenger. The app requires Yahoo account and you can invite people to your group who are not on the app.

The app is basically for the group messaging that lets you and your friends have an organized group messaging where you can have fun and make plans. The app comes with features like reminders, file sharing, link sharing, photo sharing, and reactions.

If you have ever used the Slack, a popular enterprise communication tool, you will find it similar to that. But Yahoo Together lacks some features like voice calling or integration of third-party apps.

Yahoo Together

You can set up both public and private rooms within your group. Yahoo calls them topics. Files and media uploaded there will remain easily accessible to everyone. Yahoo also claims to add a powerful search for sorting through everything. There is also an activity view that shows each time you’ve been mentioned in a conversation.

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The smart reminder feature allows you to set a smart reminder for any message in a chat for a chosen time. Everyone in the group will receive a notification about it.

If there is so much similarity with Slack, why will you use Yahoo Together?

The app is available for both Android and iOS. If you still miss Yahoo Messenger, you can try this upgraded new version of that.

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