Google Launches A New Q&A App ‘Cameos’ That Lets Celebs Answer Your Queries


Google has launched a new video app Cameos that allows celebrities to record a short video responses to the most popular search queries about them. This response will also be shown in Google’s search results.

For now, the app is only available for iPhone. Users have to request an invite for using the app. Celebrities will see what questions people are search about them. They can select to answer questions and record their selfie videos answering those questions.

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Google started a program ‘Posts on Google’ last year with small number of celebrities and sports persons. Later, Google also expanded it to local businesses who could publish about their events and services. Last year in December, Google also started testing the video answer feature. Those were pre-recorded videos answering popular queries about them. The app will allow them record and publish those videos for appearing on search.

It will be interesting to see how many celebrities and public figures are going to start using this app. This feature reminds me of It was offering a similar thing but the app couldn’t do well.

Download the app here