Instagram Quietly Launches Instagram Lite

Instagram Lite
Instagram Lite

Instagram has recently announced to achieve 1 billion users milestone and now eyeing to next billion. For making this possible, the company has followed Facebook’s way and quietly launched ‘Instagram Lite’ app for Android.

Instagram has yet to announce the app but we have found the Goolge Play Store listing confirming the existence of the app. The app is only 573 KB in size as compared to 32MB size of main Instagram app.

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The app aims emerging markets where Internet speed still sucks in many areas. Surprisingly, the app is not yet available in India as Mexico is the first country getting this app. It might be because Instagram wants to test with small number of users before making it available to big country like India.

Instagram Lite comes with many Instagram features and allows you to explore photos or videos, share photos by adding filters and share stories. You can post videos or send direct messages. The good thing is that you are able to use most of the features. App’s description confirms that they will be adding DMs and option to share video soon.

Lite apps are designed to consume less data and work fine on low-end devices. Facebook already has the app and now Instagram wants to take advantage of it to reach to people do not have high speed Internet.


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