YouTube adds a feature that reminds you to stop watching YouTube


Google has added a new feature that aims to keep you productive and stop wasting time watching videos on YouTube. YouTube has added a reminders option that reminds you to stop watching videos.

The option is now live and you can set a reminder on YouTube app. For this, tap on profile icon, then select Settings > General. Here, tap on “Remind me to take a break”. You will get several options ranging from every 15 minutes to every 3 hours. Select anyone.


After you have selected the topic, YouTube will show you a notification to take a break from watching videos.

The feature is now available to all users across the globe. If you think YouTube is wasting too much of your time, you can decide a time and set the reminder.

Not just this, the company has also added an option to disable notification during a specified time period each day. So, if you do not want YouTube notifications to disturb you while you are sleeping, set a time for example 10 PM to 7 AM.

YouTube is also working to add a “time watched profile” to show you how much time you use YouTube and show you proper history. You can use this to analyse how to optimise your time and keep you productive in place of watching videos on YouTube.

At the time when companies want people to engage with their products all the time, Google gives you options to take a break and keep notifications minimum for less distraction.


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