As expected, OnePlus 6 will have a notch

Image: TheVerge
Image: TheVerge

When Apple launched iPhone X, I was one of those who hated the notch. Later, several smartphones Android phone manufacturers including Asus, Oppo, Vivo, and Huawei have launched their devices with the notch. Now OnePlus has also confirmed that their next device will have a similar notch.

Carl Pei talked to Vlad Savov, contributor at TheVerge, and tried to justify the presence of a notch in OnePlus’s upcoming phone.

This was expected because Google has also added the notch support in next big iteration of Android. That news confirmed that notch is here to stay and Google will also try to place a notch in Pixel 3.

Surprisingly Carl Pei tried to justify the notch while there was no reason for that. He tried to explain how the notch in the OnePlus phone will be different than the notch in iPhone X. The smallest notch we have seen was in Essential Phone. Pei says that OnePlus didn’t want to omit proximity & ambient light sensors or LED notification. The company also didn’t want to compromise the quality of earpiece and front-facing camera. So pushing Notch to be as small as in Essential Phone was not feasible.

The company has also tested over 1,000 Play Store apps to determine what apps need compatibility mode with the notch. It also tried to tackle ever small issues related to notch that Apple ignored. It is going to disguise the notch while playing a video on the phone. It has also shifted the clock to the left to give more space for status icons.

Carl confirmed that OnePlus’s next phone will have the 90% screen-to-body ratio and the phone will feature its biggest without increasing the overall size. OnePlus 6 will still have a headphone jack.

The notch visible in the photo published by TheVerge looks of the same size that we saw in Oppo F7 or Vivo V9. Without a notch, getting a full frontal display is not possible. There should be a place to put front-facing camera and any other sensors. With a notch, smartphone makers can use more space on the front panel.

Xiaomi didn’t want the notch, so it had to move the front camera of Mi Mix, Mix 2 and Mix 2S to the bottom side. It was bit confusing and I think having a notch is better than that.

Being true, I still didn’t like the notch as it feels like something is missing there. But, I know that the trend is here to stay. So, being comfortable with it is the only option for me. What do you think about notch display? Do you like it? Let us know your views in the comments.