Instagram now shows when a user was last active

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Facebook-owned Instagram has added a small but notable feature. Now it shows when a user was last active, but only to people who you follow or have previously DM’d. Your followers cannot see when you were most recently active on Instagram.

Instagram activity

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Direct messages always show as “seen” once the recipient has opened them, but getting the exact activity status is something most of the people wanted. It makes more sense when you are having a business communication with and want to get an instant response.

Basically, it shows how minutes or hours ago you last used the Instagram app. It also gets “active now” status to show others that you are now scrolling the Instagram feed.

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If you do not want to other people to see your last active status, you can disable it from settings but it will also top showing others’ activity status to you.

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The feature is not yet available for everyone and is being tested with a handful of users. After seeing the response from users, Instagram will think about rolling out to all users.

This feature has already been available for WhatsApp and Messenger for a long time. Now Instagram also wants to add this.


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