Nirvana Being Brings Laser Egg Air Quality Monitor to India Starting at Rs. 9999

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A few days back, I wrote about the launch of premium Air Purifiers Airgle AG600 and Airgle AG900 by Nirvana Being. Now the company has brought the popular indoor and outdoor smart air quality monitor, Laser Egg.

Laser Egg tells the accurate quality of air around. So, you know what quality of the air you are breathing. It checks the air quality in real time and measurements are taken every 0.1 seconds. It has an LCD display that shows PM2.5 concentration, AQI and particle count.

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The company has launched Laser Egg and Laser Egg 2 both. Laser Egg and Laser Egg 2 works good and offers accurate PM2.5 and AQI data, but Laser Egg 2 is smarter. I will talk about that later.

Both devices are same in design and weigh 285grams. There is a small fan inside that pulls air from the back and pushes it out the front. During this travel of sample air, Laser Egg uses a laser beam and sensors to count the size and number of particles passing.

See the images of Laser Egg. The Laser Egg 2 is also similar in design.

Laser Egg 2 is better as it works with Apple HomeKit and can control compatible devices in your home. SO, it can turn on purifier automatically when PM2.5 level rises and turns on the heater when temperature decreases.

You can also use Siri voice control to check the data on Laser Egg 2. There is also the Kaiterra app where you can monitor the PM2.5 and AQI data direct from your smartphone. You can also control the Laser Egg 2 from the app to change the AQI standard, screen brightness and more.


  • Laser Egg  Rs.9,995/ 
  • Laser Egg 2 – Rs. 11,995/- 

Both products are now available from Nirvana Being website. You can also buy it from Amazon.


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