WikiLeaks website was defaced by OurMine

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The website of WikiLeaks was defaced by a group called OurMine. This group is known for hacking several tech CEOs, companies, and news sites in past.

Earlier today, the home page of was showing a deface messaging. You can check that on featured image. Now the deface page has been removed and the website is working fine.

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It is still a mystery if it was just a DNS poisoning attack or hackers gained access to WikiLeaks servers. So, we cannot say if Wikileaks was hacked. I assume it was DNS Poisoning in which hackers perform DNS spoofing to divert Internet traffic to a malicious IP address.

WikiLeaks is a whistleblowing website that reveals dark secrets of government. It has been revealing top CIA hacking secrets under Vault 7. It told the world how CIA was able to break into mobile phones and laptops of people.

OurMine is a Saudi Arabian group of hackers that claims to be “White Hat” hackers. Last year, the same hackers group hacked the Twitter account of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. They also hacked Quora page of Sundar Pichai. This website also targeted Variety and Buzzfeed along with hijacking HBO’s coal media accounts. They are also known for hacking Sony’s PlayStation Network’s social media accounts. (PSN).


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