Hackers hacked Tesla Model X and gained Full control

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At the annual security conference DEFCON, a team of researchers from Keen Labs hacked Tesla Model X through a web browser and demonstrated how they could take full control of car remotely. This is the same team that hacked a Tesla Model S last year.

In the recent hack, they showed off by opening and closing the doors of the car remotely and also applied the break while car was in motion. They also demonstrated how they can make the car switch lights on an off, raise or lower windows and more.

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Researchers discovered multiple vulnerabilities in different modules of the car’s software.

Keen Labs informed Tesla about these vulnerabilities in June, the company released patch two weeks later via an OTA update to the software. If you own Tesla Model X or a Tesla car running on same firmware, make sure you have updated the software to version 8.1 (17.26.0) or later.

Tesla always welcomes researchers who helped the company in enhancing the security of its car. It always responds quickly pushes the patches. It is also interesting to note that Keen Security Lab, an arm of the Chinese internet company Tencent that is also a major stakeholder in Tesla.


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