Facebook Messenger Improves Video calling with animated reactions, Filters and effects

Messenger video calls
Messenger video calls


Facebook has added some new features on video calling to make it more interesting. Now you have animated reactions, filters, masks and effects to add in your video conversations. These options are available for both one-on-one video calls or group video calls.

Animated reactions include the same Facebook reactions (love, “haha”, “wow”, sad, and angry) but it animates on the screen. In group video calls, it will be shown to another person if he has your video playing.

Messenger Video call reactions

Filters work in same way as you may have seen on Instagram. You can pick from a bunch of filters. You can use the available filters, see the preview before going live and finally go live with the filter if you want to use it. The addition of filters will surely give users a better experience. I remember using these filters on hangouts.

Messenger filters

Masks have been available on Messenger for a while but the company has added more masks. Some masks have hidden effects to make it more interesting.

Messenger masks

Facebook has also allowed users to take a screenshot of the video screen with filters or masks. So, you can easily capture and share your memory. Simply tap on the camera icon to take pictures while on a video call and the photo will be saved to phone’s camera roll.

Update your Messenger app to see these new changes. Try new effects and filters. If you have something to say, leave a comment below.

Source: Facebook Newsroom