Now you can download Netflix videos on your PC

Netflix videos
Netflix videos

Last year in November, Netflix made lots of people happy by announcing offline playback. This feature allowed users to download videos on the mobile phone and enjoy on the go. Now, the company has extended the feature to allow desktop users download movies and shows onto your PC.

To use this feature, you need to download Netflix app from the Windows store. It will not be available if you open on the browser.

If you regularly use Netflix, you must download Netflix app in your system. If you have the slow connection, you can download the video on your system and enjoy watching in high quality without buffering issues.

It is worth to note that download option will not be available for all videos. It depends on licensing terms publisher, but Netflix Originals are covered.

However, Mac users are still thinking why Netflix has not given them any similar option. We cannot say if Mac users will get this feature or not.

The update is being rolled out to all Windows 10 users via Windows Store. It is unclear whether the Windows 10 Mobile or Xbox One versions of the app.



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