Instagram Introduces New Direct With Disappearing Videos & Photos

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A few hours back, Instagram announced a big change in Instagram direct. Now it has combined the messaging thread and disappearing photos & videos. So, you can quickly send a disappearing photo on Instagram to a friend. You can use it to quickly share a moment with your friends.

To send a disappearing photo or video, go to Direct by swiping left and tap the new blue camera icon at the bottom to take a disappearing photo or video. In an existing thread, you also see the blue camera icon.

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Instagram Direct disappearing photo

Tap the arrow to send it to an individual or the select group of friends. It will notify you if your friend has seen or replayed your disappearing photo or video.

It is worth to note that one can only view the disappearing photo or video twice. After checking the video or photo twice, it will be expired.

After sending a photo or video, you have no option to see the photo or video. On the receiver’s end, the person will also have to click on View photo. View Video button or replay button to view it.

The company has confirmed that around 375 million people actively use Direct for personal conversation. So, the company decided to make the personal conversation more interesting.

The update is now available to all users on Android and iOS platforms.



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