Facebook is rolling out “Messenger Day” Globally

Messenger Day
Messenger Day

Facebook has finally started rolling out Messenger Day, Snapchat stories clone, globally. Now, this feature is available globally on both Android and iOS.

The feature is easy to use. You need to use Messenger’s camera to snap a photo or videos, edit it by adding text, doodles, cartoon overlays, filters and then publish it as your “Day”. This “Day” will delete itself after 24 hours.

Messenger Day

Make sure you have updated your Messenger app to the latest version. In Messenger, you will also see if your friends have anything new from their day.

You can always take down your stories before it completes its 24 hours life span. For this, tap the image at the top of your inbox, then tap the three dots at the bottom right corner of your image and select delete.

Facebook Day Delete

It is similar to Instagram’s stories and WhatsApp’s Status feature. Before rolling out globally, Facebook has tested this feature in countries like Poland and Australia.

Facebook Day is another thing the company has copied from Snapchat and will use it compete the Snapchat. Try this and let us know your views about Facebook Day with us in comments.


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