Facebook Messenger hits 1 billion monthly users

Messenger 1 billion
Messenger 1 billion

Facebook Messenger has finally achieved its biggest milestone. Now, it has 1 billion monthly active users. Messenger is also second most popular iOS app of all time and is only behind Facebook. It has also been downloaded more than 1 billion times on Android.

To celebrate this, Facebook has also added an easter egg on Messenger. Send a balloon emoji on Facebook and you’ll see the screen light up to commemorate the announcement.

Messenger 1 billion celebration

Facebook also confirmed that people on Messenger send more than 17 billion photos monthly to friends. On average, more than 22 million GIFs are sent every day which turns out to be 254 GIFs per second.

Stickers are also popular in Messenger and people send more than 380 million stickers every day. More than 250 sticker packs are available in Messenger with more than 4000 stickers.

Messenger is now not just an instant messaging app. People are doing much more it including messaging, video calls, audio calls, sending payments, sharing GIFs, Sharing files and more.

Facebook already announced Messenger platform to make Messenger independent and better tool for businesses.

Messenger took 3 months in adding 100 million users to achieve this milestone from 900million. And it took Messenger 4 years in growing from 0 to 1 billion active monthly users.

It is worth to note that Messenger was a redesigned version of Beluga, a chat app acquired by Facebook.


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