Zuckerberg’s Twitter and Pinterest accounts hacked

Zuckerberg's Twitter and Pinterest accounts hacked

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who runs the biggest social network and keeps on working on several ways to add more security options on Facebook failed to follow basics of Internet security for his own online accounts. Yes, you are reading it right. Twitter and Pinterest accounts of Mark Zuckerberg have been hacked on Sunday.

The hacker group from Saudi Arabia, dubbed OurMine claimed the responsibility for this hack and confirmed how they managed to get into the accounts of Mark Zuckerberg.

They got access to Mark’s accounts with the help of data obtained in the LinkedIn data breach. Hackers got Mark’s LinkedIn account in those leaked accounts and found the encrypted credentials. They broke the SHA1 hash and tried it on several social media accounts.

Zuckerberg’s LinkedIn password was “dadada”. He uses the same password for his other online accounts. This is the reason hackers got access to his Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. Hackers also claimed to have access to Zuckerberg’s account on Instagram but Facebook denies this.

Now it is surprising that Mark uses the same password for the miultiple account while it is the basic Internet security step not to use the same password on multiple accounts. While Mark knew that LinkedIn was hacked and LinkedIn asked users to change the password, Mark should have taken it seriously by changing all passwords.

More than 167 million LinekedIn accounts were hacked during 2012 LinkedIn data breach and now this data is on sale. Passwords were encrypted with SHA1 without any salt. So, it is easy for hackers to get your actual password.

If you also use the same password in multiple online accounts, you must change all your passwords. I am sure you know how LinkedIn’s data was hacked few years back and most of the online accounts were leaked. So, you are also at risk if you were linkedIn user at the same time and use the same password.

Image source: businessinsider.in

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