Samsung Brings 4 new Air Conditioning Products in India


Samsung India electronics has launched its 4 new products to deliver exceptional cooling performance and lower operating cost. These 4 products are 360 Cassette AC, 30 HP Super DVM, 14 HP Side discharge DVM Eco and DVN Chiller. Company claims that these products will surely transform the air conditioning business in India.

“Samsung will continue to achieve positive growth for the air solution business, by providing our customers with innovative products and solutions that will help them discover a world of possibilities for their businesses.” “At Samsung, we’re focused on helping businesses and our customers with cost effective and energy efficient products,” said Mr. Vipin Agrawal, Director System A/C Business, Samsung India Electronics.
“At Samsung we are passionate about constantly evolving our technology to offer the best products, services and experience to our customers. The products that we are launching today will offer the best user experience possible.” he added.
These are the products announced by Samsung.

360 Cassette AC

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Samsung’s 360 Cassette AC comes with innovative design for better air flow and uniform air cooling experience. It has booster fans inside to form complete horizontal flow generating layers of chilled air.  It can be fitted within the ceiling or can be left exposed depending on the personal choice. Company has multiple option to match the interior of the room.

Users also have the option of a wheel dial remote controller with a dedicated button for comfort cooling.


Samsung 30HP Super DVM S

Samsung’s Super Digital Variable Multi air conditioner aims to deliver enhanced performance, efficiency and reliability with cutting edge innovation. It comes with Super Inverter Scroll Compressor with flash injection technology. This technology brings optimized bypass valve to increase capacity by 29 percent.

It includes a Hybrid Heat Exchanger which increases the heat exchange area, an optimized refrigerant control that delivers an increased efficiency rate of 10% and new oval-shaped diffuser application which increases the airflow rate by 17%.

The DVM S Eco 14HP: Samsung’s new side discharge VRF unit

DVM S Eco 14 HP is another innovative product designed for apartments and office buildings. It is a side discharge VRF air conditioner with a single outdoor unit. It also reduces the cost of multiple units being used in multi-room buildings. It means, that single outdoor unit can manage the cooling for an apartment or office building. It provides better coverage due to extended piping length of up to 160 meters. It includes Inverter Scroll Compressor and corrugate fin that improves performance by 20 percent.


Cutting Edge and Energy Efficient: DVM Chiller

DVM chiller is energy efficient chiller comes in compact size. Size is the advantage of this chiller over its competitors. It provides greater energy efficiency and consumes less space. So, you will have more space to use for some other work. It comes with embedded with a world-class BLDC Inverter Scroll Compressor with Flash Injection technology. This technology allows 75% of heating capacity at temperatures as low -20°C with great energy efficiency.

Samsung claims that this Chiller is not just efficient but also reduce the overall cost by 43 to 50% as compared to conventional chillers available in market.