Microsoft Cortana officially comes to Android and iOS


Microsoft has finally launched Cortana officially for Android and iOS devices. Cortana is your personal assistant app which lets your smartphone and PC work together to get your work done. It will now compete with Google Now and Siri on these new platforms.

Not just these platforms, Microsoft is also working with Cyanogen OS team to deeply integrate its Cortana in Cyanogen OS.

Cortana helps you in getting missed call alerts on Windows 10 PC and even reply directly via PC. You can set location based reminders and get reminders when you are at the place. It tracks your flights and bills both on PC and smartphone. Ask Cortana and get answers to your questions.

Microsoft also confirmed that few things Cortana can do on Windows Phone are not possible on Android and iOS.

Apps are only available for US and China. Users from other countries will have to wait to use Cortana on their Android or iOS powered devices. One can also download the app by switching to US play store or app store. Cortana app supports iOS 8 or higher up and Android 4.1.2 or higher.

Download Cortana: Android and iPhone

Try Cortana on your iOS or Android device and let us know about your experience.

Source: Windows Blog


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