Microsoft’s Cortana Virtual Assistant Is Coming to Android Next Month

Cortana Android
Cortana Android

Cortana AndroidMicrosoft already confirmed that Cortana will also be available to Android and iOS. Now, company said that the beta version of Cortana for Android is coming next month. Company didn’t confirm the exact date for the launch.

If you are Android users but want to check Microsoft’s new personal digital assistant cortana, you will not have to wait long. With this new Cortana App, users will be able to set reminders, search and other things. Cortana will be connected to the user’s Microsoft account in order to keep the cross-platform features in sync. So, if you create remainder on your Android device, you will also get notification in your Windows device or Xbox.

You can invite your friends to play with you online on Xbox with simple voice commands. You can ask Cortana to record the clip of your game and share it with your friends.

As of now, this will be in beta. Final app will come later this year.