Facebook launches Moments app which uses facial recognition to privately share photos with friends

Moments app
Moments app

Facebook has launched a new mobile app called Moments which uses facial recognition technology to scan your camera roll and then send your friend’s photo in your camera roll to them. If you look closely, it wants to help you in organizing and sharing photos but also puts all photos of you on Facebook.

Facebook Moments app

This is a standalone app which offers quick way of photo sharing. If you and your friends were in an event, you people took many photos from phone. Moments app scans the photos in your camera roll to group the photos. It groups photos based on when they were taken and which friends are in them. To identify friends, it uses facial recognition technology. With one-tap, you can share these photos with friends on Facebook privately. If there are more friends on the group, photo will be shared with group of friends in that pic. Your friends can also contribute photos on the same album.

This app uses the same photo recognition technology which Facebook used to suggest photo tags.

Moments app is now available in the US as a companion app to Facebook and Messenger. This app is available for both iOS and Android.

Source: Facebook Newsroom