Facebook Officially Launches Slingshot for Android and iOS


Facebook has officially launched Slingshot app for iOS and Android app. This app lets users send photos and videos to friends. But Friends can only see those photos or videos when they send you some photos or videos back. This app was accidentaly launched few days back.

“Today, we’re excited to introduce the second app from Facebook Creative Labs: Slingshot. Slingshot lets you quickly share everyday moments with lots of people at once. Check out the Slingshot Crew’s blog to learn more,” Facebook announced.


Slingshot lets you send photos and 15 seconds videos to one or many friends. Sent content will disappears after it was viewed. But you can save the content. In order to see a photo or video sent to you, you will have to reply with a photo or video. You can also add text over the image or video as caption. Draw tool also let you create your own drawing.

When you first run the app, you are required to signup with your phone number. Facebook use your contacts and your Facebook friends in creating a social graph. It is worth to note that you do not need a Facebook account to access the Slingshot. Facebook also re-sync your contacts to keep the list updated.

This app was first designed last year at Hackathon event. This app has borrowed features from Vine, Instagram and Snapchat.

You can download sling here.