Google Earth For Andoird Gets Street View

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Google has updated the Google Earth Android app. Now the app has few more awaiting feature. Most notable feature added in this update is Street View. Until now this feature has only been available on the web version of Google Earth.

Google Earth For Andoird Gets Street View

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If you want to explore a place for the street level, just search for the area, zoom into area and the pegman. You will see a little yellow guy at the right hand corner. Drag and drop him into the street to see the Street View. If the little yellow guy is not there for a place, it means street view of that place is not available.

By clicking on the Earth logo in the top left corner you can enable various Google Earth layers, including 3D buildings, Wikipedia and Panoramio photos.

Other features added in this updates are improved direction and search. So, you can easily see directions while walking or driving. It also lets you browse search results quickly in 3D. Now, the app also has left hand navigation channel to make it easier to get around the apps and change layers.

The updated app is now available for free to download from Google Play Store. It is unclear when the update will be available for iOS.


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