Google Chrome Continues to Be at Top, Growing Fast

Google Chrome Continues to Be at Top

It’s almost 10 months when Google Chrome overtook Internet Explorer, Google Chrome Continues to be the most used web browser. Internet Explorer had this position for many years.

Google Chrome Continues to Be at Top

According to latest web browsing data by statcounter for the month of February, Google Chrome is the most used web browser of the world. Now it has 37.09 percent market share. Internet Explorer comes at the second place with 29.82 percent market share. Mozilla Firefox is far behind and comes at number third with 21.34 percent market share.

Since Internet Explorer comes pre-installed on Windows computers, it is obvious that it is used majority of users. But Google Chrome has maintain its reputation among users.

In recent months, Internet Explorer has lost its reputation. Internet Explorer is slow and takes time to start. Most of the time it freezes and hangs. These are the main reasons why people are switching on other alternate browsers.

Chrome comes with fast web browsing and clear Interface. It lacks toolbars so, looks nice. It also comes with advance security features that makes it best browser.

Which browser you like? Share your best browser with us via comments.

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