Google patents new Search gesture


Google is going to change the way people search on mobile devices. The search giant has invented a new search gesture that will allow you to search content on a touchscreen device simply by writing “go” on your device.

Google has given the example in the patent about this search gesture. In this company explains that users draw the letter “g” on the screen, and continue drawing the tail around (like an “o”) the word they would like to search for. Once they are done with it and lift the finger, they will find the search results display for the circled word. If users want to search for website other that Google (Ex. Yahoo), they need to start with “s” instead of “g”. A context menu will pop up instead, giving users the option to select their search engine of choice. Use “w” to search for Wikipedia

This new way of searching will be really easy on the mobile devices. This is going to change the way we use or smartphones. There is no official announcement on this patent. But we’d expect to see it in mobile versions of Chrome in the future.

SOURCE: Penaltyapple


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