Australian public broadcaster’s website compromised and infects visitors

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An Australian public broadcasting company, The Special Broadcasting Service (SBS) instruct all its visitors to scan their computer for malware. The website was compromised this weekend and distribute a trojan.

“This is the first time that the SBS site has suffered any sort of attack, however, unfortunately this is a common occurrence for many websites and organisations around the world.
 “While SBS has comprehensive safety measures in place across the site, this source has been able to enter the site on this occasion and has inserted a link to a third party ‘malware site’,” a SBS spokeswoman said.
“Users who may have inadvertently visited this third party malware site could then have had their machines infected with a virus depending on their security settings,” the SBS spokeswoman added.

SBS broadcasts radio and television programming in 68 languages all over Australia. Company did not reveal any information about the attack and the data compromised. The security breach is still under investigation

This type of malware distribution problem was found in many websites in past. This type of trojans can harm a lot to users.


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