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5 Best Qi Wireless Chargers for iPhone and Android phones

Best Qi Wireless Charger
Best Qi Wireless Charger

Now, most high-end phones come with a wireless charging option. Most smartphones, priced above Rs. 40000, now supports wireless charging. High-end TWS cases also support wireless charging. All smartphones supporting wireless charging use a common Qi standard. Even Apple also uses the same for wirelessly charging its phones. So, there are numbers of Qi wireless charging pads you can use for your phone. The Qi Standard is common and it can also be found in publicly available charging options at some Starbucks and McDonald’s branches.

If your phone supports wireless charging and you are looking for a good wireless charger, here is the list of the best Qi Wireless Charger. These wireless chargers support the Qi standards, so they can be used for iPhone and Android devices supporting wireless charging.

Best Qi Wireless Chargers

NamePriceBuy Here
Samsung Wireless Fast ChargerRs. 1999Buy Here
Stuffcool Wc630 wireless chargerRs. 1699Buy Here
Mophie Wireless Charging PadRs. 4236Buy Here
Belkin Boost UpRs. 3999Buy Here
Anker PowerPort Wireless 5 PadRs. 2290Buy Here

1. Samsung Wireless Fast Charger

Samsung Wireless Charger

Samsung’s wireless charger is our top pick. It supports Qi-enabled Android phones and can also be used to charge iPhone models offering a wireless charging option. The best thing is that it supports fast charging and works even if the phone has cases. Ir supports up to 9W fast charging and is also compatible with PD and Adaptive Fast Charging travel adapters. The device has LED indicators to show charging status and these LEDs also dim at night.

Price: Rs. 1999

Buy Here: Amazon

2. Stuffcool Wc630 wireless charger

Stuffcool Wc630 wireless charger

Stuffcool Wc630 is also a good Qi-certified wireless charger with a type-C input. It comes with an 18W QC3.0 Adapter and supports 15W wireless charging support. It is a thin disk that charges your phone from any angle. You can use Android and iPhone devices both on this wireless charging disk. The LED indicator flashes blue-green when the device is not placed properly and green when the is charging.

Price: Rs. 1699

Buy Here: Amazon

3. Mophie Wireless Charging Pad

Mophie Qi Wireless Charge Pad

Mophie Wireless Charging Pad is good but the only downside is the high cost. It supports wireless charging for the iPhone and works with cases. It is not bulky and performs well. You can use it to charge any Qi-enabled devices for charging wirelessly. It supports 7.5w charging speed for Apple. It has a smaller base, so you will have to be more precise while putting your phone on it. The build quality of this wireless charging pad is good and feels really premium. It also comes with overcharge protection to keep your phone safe. The build quality of this wireless charging pad is good and feels really premium. It also comes with overcharge protection to keep your phone safe.

Price: Rs. 4236

Buy Here: Amazon

4. Belkin Boost Up

Belkin Boost Up

There are two Belkin Boost Up wireless charging pads with different charging speeds. One is offering 7.5W charging while the cheaper model offers 5W charging. Both models offer good build quality and nice performance. If you can compromise with charging speed for the price, you can go with the cheaper model or buy the 7.5W charger for a better charging speed. I adding a link to 7.5W charging wireless charger below. Belkin has worked with Apple to design this charging pad for hone.

Price:  Rs. 3790

Buy Here: Amazon

5. Anker PowerPort Wireless 5 Pad

Anker PowerPort Wireless 5 Pad

Anker is known for making good-quality phone accessories. It also offers a few wireless chargers including Anker PowerPort Wireless 5 Pad. This one is relatively cheaper than other items listed here, but it also limits charging to 5W. But it claims that it charges 10% faster than other 5W wireless chargers. It works well and looks good. It just offers a single flat position for charging phones.

Price: Rs. 1490

Buy Here: Amazon

Final Words

There are several other wireless chargers available at a cheap cost, but you should compromise quality for cost and get only a good branded wireless charger. I have listed the best and safe wireless charging pads available in India. You can get any of these depending on your choice and budget.