7 Best Funny Video Apps for Android

Funny Video Apps for Android

Video content is now booming. People are not just watching videos, but they are also creating it. Instagram, YouTube, and Tiktok like apps are popular among people for sharing and watching videos. Videos can be of several kinds but people generally want to watch funny videos for entertainment. Most people use social media apps for entertainment. There are several apps that curate funny videos from different social media platforms at one place to give you a good platform for entertainment. I have checked several video apps and made a list of apps that offer funny videos. If you are also looking for funny video apps, this list is for you. Here I am adding a list of the best funny video apps where you can watch funny videos and laugh.

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Best Funny Video Apps

1. TikTok

TikTok - Funny Video apps

TikTok is the most popular app among youths. People are using this app to share their creativity and watch videos to pass time. Tiktok has a large collection of funny videos because people are mostly making funny content. It has the ability to keep you engaged for hours. When you open the app, it shows you popular videos and you can swipe up for skipping to the next video. Just keep swiping and watch videos. You can also search for videos if you want. There are millions of creators making videos to showcase their talent. If you also want, you can be a creator. Otherwise, you can keep watching videos. There is no need to make an account to watch videos until you want to like videos or put your comments.


2. Likee

Likee : Funny Video Apps

Likee is also a similar app for both creators and viewers. The app lets people make awesome videos by helping them with Music Magic filters and superpower filters. So, there are millions of short videos to watch. If you are looking for funny video apps, you shouldn’t miss the Likee. You can just download the Likee app and start watching funny videos, dance videos and more. The app also suggests you videos based on your interest, so you will always get relevant entertaining video recommendations.

Likee also comes with a powerful video editing tool with several filters. So, you can make awesome videos and gain popularity as a creator.


3. Vigo Video

Vigo Video : Funny Video Apps

Vigo Video is also a popular short video social network where you can watch videos online. This is also a similar app that lets people share short videos of 15 seconds. People use this app to make funny, dance, cooking, beauty, art, comedy, music, and animal videos. If you are looking for a funny video app, you can download Vigo Video to watch videos. This app also has millions of videos to watch. You can keep swiping and watch.

Like TikTok and Likee, Vigo Video also lets people make videos using stickers, effects and editing tools. The app also features a real-time beautify camera that makes you even more beautiful in videos. So, you can not just watch, but creator and showcase your talent.


4. Instagram

Instagram : Funny Video app

Instagram also lets people share short videos and now recommends more videos based on interest. So, this app is also a good platform to watch funny videos. Most of the videos shared on Instagram are made on TikTok, Likee or Vigo. It is because these apps let people share their videos on Instagram with a single click. You can use the Explore section of the Instagram app to browse videos. If you don’t want to miss a creator, you can follow the account.

I don’t think I need to tell you what is Instagram all about. it is a photo and video sharing app by Facebook where you can connect with people, share your photos or videos, have conversations and video calls.


5. YouTube


YouTube is also one of the popular apps for watching videos. If you are looking for videos, you can search for it and you will get thousands of funny videos shared by different creators. You can also subscribe to creators who keep posting funny videos regularly, so you don’t miss any video from them. Search is always an evergreen way to find videos. Several creators compile several TikTok funny videos into one, so you can watch several funny TikTok or Likee videos in the form of a single video.


6. 4Fun

4Fun : Viral Video App

4Fun is an interesting app that curates funny videos. So, you have thousands of funny videos to watch on this platform. The app also offers a video editor and lets people share videos. So, you can not just watch videos but also share your videos and become popular among viewers. You can watch videos for free and can also download funny videos to share on other social networks like WhatsApp or Instagram. The app also lets you watch videos from people nearby you or have a stranger chat. It claims to offer more than a million videos t watch and download.


7. Viral Video

Viral Video: Viral videos app

Viral Video is also a similar app where you can watch viral funny videos. The app basically aggregates tons of funny videos that you can watch on the app and kill time. The app claims to use artificial intelligence to deliver high-quality funny & trending viral videos. You can download the app and start browsing videos. There’s nothing more than that, but it serves what you were looking for. The app has 100K downloads and more than 4 start rating. It shows that people are also enjoying the funny videos on the app. If you want a few moments of laugh daily, download this funny video app.


Final Words

This was the list of best funny video apps. You can download any of the apps to watch funny videos on your phone. TikTok and Instagram are the two most popular apps. Other apps added to the list are also worth trying. If you were looking or funny video apps, download these and have a good laugh.

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