7 Best VR Apps For Your Android and iOS Smartphone

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Virtual Reality was almost considered science fiction a few years back, but today, VR is a reality and is gaining prominence rapidly. You don’t need an Oculus Rift to experience VR, any smartphone with the required sensors and any VR goggles would do. If you are new to VR, here are the Best VR Apps to help you get started.

Also check VR apps for Android smartphones

In case you are not sure if your phone supports VR headsets, you must read how to check if your phone supports VR headsets. If you are confused about what VR headset to buy, you should check the list of best VR headsets under Rs. 3000.

Now take a look at this list of the best VR apps for your smartphones. here, I am listing apps for both Android and iOS smartphones.

VR Apps For Your Smartphone

1. Cardboard:

Developed by Google, the Cardboard app sums up everything you can do in VR. This app lets you play your videos, fly around the world via Google Earth, touch the Arctic skies, and look around popular tourist location in 360 degrees.

The Google Cardboard app also helps you discover new VR apps and suggests interesting games. It is a very simple app and helps you get started with Virtual Reality.

Download here: AndroidiOS

2. Expeditions:

Expeditions is yet another app created by Google that enhances your Virtual Reality experience. Although it is labeled as a teaching and educational tool, it can be used by anyone, anywhere. With over 200 expeditions, this app lets you immerse yourself in trips varying from historical landmarks to deep underwater; from vast safari zones to outer space.

The app is simple to use, extremely fun, and available for download for free, making it a must try!

Download here: Android iOS

3. Discovery VR:

The people behind the Discovery Channel have come up with an app to offer a more immersive viewing experience and it is amazing. The discover VR app lets you immerse yourself in various experiences, ranging from shark-infested shipwrecks to free-boarding the windiest street in the world!

There are many 360 degree videos ready to be explored in this app! It is free, so don’t think twice to download it.

Download here: AndroidiOS

4. Sisters: A Virtual Reality Ghost Story

Sisters is a VR app that you can use to have a true horror experience. It offers immersive 360-degree visuals and audio that feels real. The app works well with Google Cardboard. Sisters is a VR app that you can use to have a true horror experience. It offers immersive 360-degree visuals and audio that feels real. The app works well with Google Cardboard.

Download here: AndroidiOS

5. NYT VR:

Experience latest happenings and news stories in VR through the NYT VR app. Developed by New York Times, this app puts you right in the middle of a news story and experience the situation for yourself. NYT VR lets you be a part of the news as you set your foot on the lonely planet Pluto, or climb the spire of the tallest buildings.

Like every other app on this list, the NYT VR too is free to download.

Download here: AndroidiOS

6. YouTube:

You read that right, YouTube is one of the best apps to experience VR as it is  one of the largest source of VR content. There are many channels and videos on YouTube that offer a Virtual Reality experience, all you have to do is search for 360-degree videos. YouTube is pre-installed on almost every Android smartphone and if you are using iOS you can download it for free.

Download here: AndroidiOS

7. InCell VR

InCell VR is an education app that demonstrates the recreation of human cells. This game involves racing through the colorful environment outrunning a virus wave. If you just started having a cardboard VR experience, you should try this one.

Download here: Android – iOS 

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