Tagg T-07 Review

Tagg T-07
Tagg T-07

Tagg is a notable brand offering affordable earphones. So, I decided to try one of its earphones and see how its earphones perform. I recently bought Tagg T-07 and tested it with several kinds of tracks and music genre. Based on my experience, here is the review of Tagg T-07.

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Tagg T-07 Review

Tagg T-07 is a sports earphones with wireless connectivity to give you freedom of movement. It is in-ear type earphone and you get several ear tips of differenet sizes. It looks good and comes in several color options. The left earpiece features MicroUSB port for charging. At the right earpiece, it has LED indicator, Power button, Volume controller and a microphone. Press power button to play or pause the song. For turning it on or off, long press the power button. Long press on volume up plays next song and long press on volume down plays previous song. This placement of microphone and volume controller doesn’t make sense at least for me. If you want to change volume or track, you need to struggle while looking for buttons on earpiece. It will take few days for you to be comfortable with this system.

I was not impressed with the build quality. I could see irregular finish on earpieces few joints were even not properly glued. This plastic build also look ordinary and I doubt if it can survive accidental falls. It is IP-X4 rated for Splashproof design to make it sweatproof. But the kind of build I saw, water drops can easily go inside and affect it.

You get earbuds in three different sizes, so take time in checking what fits good. For me, it was a perfect fit with default earbuds. So, it never slipped out from any of the ear while running or any other sports activity. You also get a small clip that you can use to attach earphone with collar of your shirt or t-shirt for extra safety.

The company didn’t mention technical specifications of speaker drivers or microphone. I tried finding a lot on several websites but nothing helped. We just know IPX4 rating, Bluetooth 4.1 and 80mAh battery.

It supports Bluetooth 4.1 with Power ATI technology. If I talk about music experience, it doesn’t disappoint. When you are listing to music, no outer sound can ruin your experience. Sound is clear with good bass and treble. So, your music experience will be good.

Tagg T-07

It has a built-in microphone for hands-free calling. As it is located on a earpiece, it captures low sound. In outdoors, it is better to speak on phone rather than using the earphone as it captures more noise than your voice. Or you can take out the earpiece and hold it near your mouth. So, this thing disappoints. If you prefer hands-free calls, you should not consider this earphone.

One good thing is that the earphone keeps on notifying you about different things. When you are getting a call from someone, it tells you the phone number. When call hands up, it tells you with similar kind of voice notifications.

The earphone has an LED light that is big for no reason. In total dark, it easily attracts attention. That irritated my room mate when I was listening to music but he was trying to sleep.

Battery life is of the earphone is average and you get little over 4 hours of music playback. But you can get more if you do not use it on loudest volume. The earphone takes over 2 hours in fully charging.

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Final Words

While sound quality of this earphone is good, I am not impressed with its built. The kind of built I have seen in my piece, now I have doubt on its IP X4 rating as well. If you are the person who use earphone for hands-free calling, this doesn’t work well. So, I don’t recommend this earphone. We already have several other options to go with.


Tagg T-07

6.5 Score

"Tagg T-07 offers good sound and music but its microphone and build quality disappoints."

The Good

  • Good audio
  • IP X4

The Bad

  • Average Build
  • LED Light interrupts
  • Microphone captures low sound


  • Design and Build 50%
  • Sound Quality 75%
  • Sound 50%
  • Value for money 50%