Redragon Cobra M711 Review: Impressive gaming mouse

Redragon Cobra M711
Redragon Cobra M711


PC gamers understand the importance of a good gaming mouse. Most people don’t want to spend more than Rs. 2000 for a gaming mouse. I think this budget is enough for a good gaming mouse for enjoying PC gaming. Recently, I reviewed the Logitech G102 LIGHTSYNC. Then I found another interesting mouse Redragon Cobra M711 in the same price segment. Not a new model, but it is still available in the market. So, I also order it and see how good it is. In this detailed review of Redragon Cobra M711, I will tell you everything you need to know before you consider this mouse for gaming.

Redragon Cobra M711 Review

Redragon Cobra M711 is a gaming mouse. So, build quality and design is really important for comfortable gaming. This mouse comes with a really good design. It has a right-handed ergonomic shape and easily fits in the palm. The size is on the slightly bigger side, so good for people who have large palms. The mouse weighs just 204 grams, so it is light in weight and is easy to move around. The lightweight makes it good for FPS games that require quick mouse movements. It has a long braided USB cord that feels durable. Overall, the build quality is impressive.

It has 7 Programmable Buttons. The scroll also feels really good and is really smooth, but lacks individual steps separation. This results in poor tactility. The scroll wheel click needs extra pressure. Side buttons are also good and positioned well. The front side button is textured. This helps in identifying which button you are using. Your thumb can easily reach these buttons. Click feel is also decent.

The left and right click buttons are rated for 10 million clicks. Buttons are quite responsive and do their job well.

Just behind the scroll wheel, there are three buttons. These buttons are made of cheap quality plastic, but I won’t mind because you won’t be clicking these buttons regularly. Two buttons are DPI plus and DPI minus buttons. As the name suggests, these buttons are used to increase or decrease the DPI. The third button is the RGB Lighting switch. Clicking on it will change the RGB lighting setting of the mouse.

It packs PMW3325 sensor that is one of the best budget mouse sensors. I didn’t face any issues while playing any of the games I enjoy. All the movements and clicks are tracked immediately. I mostly play CS Go and this mouse caused no issue. The mouse has a maximum 1000Hz of polling rate and you can use the mouse software to change it if you want. polling rate is basically the number of times the mouse reports its position to the computer.

There’s a companion software you can download from the official website of Redragon. This software lets you reprogram each button of the mouse, select DPI, and customize the light. In the general mouse setting, you can assign actions on each key, select mouse acceleration, pointer speed, scroll speed, and double click speed. Adjust these things as per your gaming need. You can also adjust the polling rate.

The mouse has 5 adjustable DPI levels 500, 1000, 2000, 3000, 5000 but you can set it freely from 100 to 10000 by using DPI plus and DPI minus buttons. You can also use the mouse software to set the DPI on a specific value.

This software offers full RGB lighting customization, not many effects are there. You only get full-color control in three of seven effects. People like me who love to experiment with RGB color effects will surely find it disappointing. But that is certainly not a point to drop this mouse.

This mouse supports 5 different profiles. So, you can create 5 different profiles having different settings. I create different profiles for different games. When I playing a game, I switch to the profile I made for that game. So, I don’t need to change mouse settings each time before playing a game.

Redragon M711 is an impressive gaming mouse with a comfortable design, accurate sensor, and several customizations. After using this for over a week, I can certainly recommend this gaming mouse for anyone who wishes to buy it. Redragon M711 Cobra is value for money.


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Redragon M711 Cobra

8.5 Score

"Redragon M711 is an impressive gaming mouse with a comfortable design, accurate sensor, and several customizations."

The Good

  • Comfortable to use
  • RGB lighting
  • Several customization options

The Bad

  • Limited RGB Customization


  • Design and build 85%
  • Performance 90%
  • Software 70%
  • Value for money 80%