Dr Trust Smart Body Fat and Composition Scale 2.0 Review

Dr Trust Smart Scale 2.0
Dr Trust Smart Scale 2.0


Recently I was looking for a smart scale that can measure body weight along with body composition for fitness purpose, After searching for several options, I found Dr Trust Smart Scale 2.0 listed on several e-commerce stores. Dr Trust is a notable brand for health-related products, so I decided to buy it and see if it works well. I am now this smart scale for a week to regularly check my weight and body composition. If you are also thinking to buy this smart scale, don’t miss this detailed review of Dr Trust Smart Body Fat and Composition Scale 2.0.

The company calls this product “Dr Trust Smart Body Fat and Composition Scale 2.0.” They could simply call it Dr Trust Smart Scale 2.0. Not sure why they decided on this long name. I will be mostly referring to this smart scale as Dr Trust Smart Scale 2.0 in this article.

First of all, let’s talk about the build quality of Dr Trust Smart Scale 2.0. It looks really good. Certainly better than what it looks like in photos. It is basically square with rounded corners. It measures 302 X 240 X 2 mm and weighs 1.36 kg. The top side has tempered glass and 4 sensors to measure body composition. There’s also an LCD display to show the weight and room temperature. This smart scale runs on a rechargeable battery. So, it also has a micro-USB port at one side for charging the scale. At the back, the smart scale has four non-slip pads to keep it stable even on slippery surfaces. It can show your weight in 3 different units including LG, LB, and ST. You can select any of your choices using the button at the back side of the scale.

The scale can measure up to 180KG of weight. If you put more weight on it, it will show ERR warning on the display. You need to put on a flat surface and stand on it to measure the weight.

Dr Trust Smart Scale 2.0 Review

This smart scale can measure 18 Essential Body Metrics including BMI, Bone Mass, Muscle, BFR, Moisture, BMR, Visceral fat, Subcutaneous fat, Protein rate, Body age, Body fat, Weight without fat, Muscle weight, etc. Everything is shown in the app. So, you need to download Dr Trust Scale Connect app. The app is available for both Android and iPhone. If you don’t download the app, this Smart Scale can still measure and show you the weight. The app not just show the body composition but also keeps historical data.

When you install the app, it asks you to create an account to use the app. So, follow the simple sign up process and then create your profile. It asks you to enter your accurate height and date of birth. This data is important to accurately measure your body composition.

After having the app on your phone, stand the scale, and tap on the measure button on the app. In a few seconds, it will measure your weight and body composition. Weight will be shown on the display of the scale. But the app will show you weight along with body composition. Good thing is that it also tells you details about the body composition. For example, if your MBI is high, it will carry an overweight label. If you have high fat mass, it will carry a high label. If something is normal, there will be a label saying normal.

Dr Trust Smart Scale

In case you are new to fitness and don’t understand what these things are, the app also explains. For example, if you don’t know what s BFR, tap on it and I will open the new windows explaining the term. It will also tell the range for low, normal, and high values. So, you know how much you have to lose or gain something.

You can add multiple profiles to your account. So, create profiles of family members by entering their height and date of birth. Select the appropriate profile while measuring weight and body composition. It keeps data separate. So, family members can track their progress individually on a single phone.

Overall, Dr Trust Smart scale is a good product for those who care for their fitness. It helps you in tracking your weight loss progress and keeping your body healthy by showing in what direction you need to work on. Considering its features, it is a value for money product.


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Dr Trust Smart Body Fat and Composition Scale 2.0

8.7 Score

"Dr Trust Smart scale looks good and works well."

The Good

  • Good design
  • Easy to set up
  • Lots of body metrics

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  • Design and build 80%
  • Performance 85%
  • Features 80%
  • Value for money 90%