Boult Audio UFO Review: Unique Design and Impressive Sound

Boult Audio UFO Review

Recently when I was exploring Amazon, I found an interesting product. It was a TWS with a case that felt like a spaceship toy. I only bought the device just for its cool-looking spaceship design. This TWS was Boult Audio UFO priced at only Rs. 1200. Although it looks cool, it must sound well to get into my recommendation list. So, I decided to try it and write a detailed review of it to help people understand if they can buy Boult Audio UFO or not.

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If you do not want to read the detailed review, you can also watch the video.


Boult Audio UFO Review

Boult Audio UFO comes with a charging case with buds, a charging cable, and extra ear tips. When I researched a bit, I realized that  Boult Audio UFO is basically Boult Audio Astra. The company relaunched it with the new name. I haven’t used Boult Audio Astra, so I cannot say if there are any internal changes. But the design is exactly the same.

This charging case of Boult Audio UFO looks really cool with its UFO design. This is the reason the company calls it Boult Audio UFO.  The lighting effects give it extra points for the design. The case is slightly bigger, but that shouldn’t be a problem. The build quality is also really good and it can easily survive accidental drops. I dropped it a few times while using it and luckily it survived.

This unique charging case has LED lights at the front offering a breathing effect. This looks really cool. When you open the case, you see 4 LED arrays that turn on one by one. This also acts as a battery level indicator. Light stops at the current case battery level. If it stops at the third light, it means the battery level is between 50-75%. If you look at the back, there are two Type-C ports for charging.

When you put it in charging, the front LEDs will keep blinking until charging is complete. Once it is fully charged, the front LEDs will keep glowing. So, you know it is the time to unplug the charger.

Buds offer a unique in-ear design with LED light. Buds fit properly and provide a comfortable experience. I used these buds while running, jogging, and working out without any discomfort or fitting-related issues. You also get extra ear tips to choose the one that gives you the perfect fit.

There are touch gestures to control tracks, sounds, and calls. You can also activate Siri or Google Assistant for hands-free operation. Tapping on Bud also provides clicky feedback, so you know you are tapping right. The only issue here is the slight delay. For example, a single tap should pause the music, but it takes around 2 seconds to pause after the tap.

Buds are also IPX5 water resistant to make them good for daily use. You get a comfortable experience, so keeping them on for a long time won’t be an issue.

Now let’s talk about sound quality and these buds are truly impressive. Trust me, I didn’t expect this quality of sound from a TWS of this price segment. The 13mm Audio drivers ensure crystal-clear audio. It offers clear vocals and punchy bass. I tested these buds with a wide range of songs and got a nice music experience. You will surely enjoy listening to music, watching videos, or playing games with Boult UFO. The passive noise reduction works well and prevents your music from leaking out.

Boult Audio UFO Review
Boult Audio UFO Review

There’s also a 45ms Ultra-Low Latency mode for gaming. Tap on any of the buds 4 times to enable the low latency mode. It will also provide a voice prompt saying ‘combat mode’ to confirm it has activated the low-latency mode. When you are gaming, LEDs on the buds will keep blinking.

Bluetooth 5.3 ensures quick pairing and stable connection. As soon as you take buds out of the case, it quickly pairs with your phone.

Buds also support single mode. Only take out one bud from the case and connect it to use in single mode. This is not a big feature, but many people want it. So, here you have.

There is a quad-mic setup with Environmental Noise Cancellation to offer a good calling experience. The noise cancellation is quite effective, so there’s no problem in taking outdoor calls. I have been using these buds for around a week and never had any issue with the calling.

Another good thing is the companion app that you don’t get in budget TWS. Install the Boult Amp mobile app and then you can customize your music and buds control. There’s an equalizer to fine-tune your music experience. You can also change touch controls as per your interest. The app also has ‘quick clean’ and ‘dehumidifier’ options. Getting these features feels good, but I am not sure how well these features work.

Boult Audio UFO Review

Battery life is another impressive feature of Boult Audio UFO. The company claims 48 hours of music playback and I got around 44-45 hours with mixed usage that includes music, movies, and calls.

At just Rs. 1200, Boult Audio UFO is one of the best TWS you can buy. I am truly impressed with its unique design, audio performance, and battery life. This is a value-for-money product that ticks all the boxes. If you were thinking of buying Boult Audio UFO, you can get it without a second thought. There could be a few other options offering similar performance and features, but Boult Audio UFO is also worth buying.

Buy Here: Amazon

That’s it for this review. If you still have any questions, leave them in the comments.

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